Ascot’s strict dress code prohibits visible shoulders while men must cover their ankles


Royal Ascot is back with all the pomp and pageantry one would expect from one of the Queen’s favorite events of the year. Some will watch famous races, like the Gold Cup, from the exclusive Royal Enclosure

Royal Ascot is one of the most glamorous events of the year

The prestigious Royal Ascot is back, with the glamorous event to be attended by the Queen’s guests.

It is not yet known if the queen herself is to attend. A difficult and demanding Platinum Jubilee has meant Her Majesty has been rested for much of the weekend, and she has been suffering from “episodic mobility issues” for some time, in addition to other health issues.

Royal Ascot is said to be one of her favorite events of the year so she might be keen to attend

In the shiny green grass and twisted metal of the Hippodrome buildings is the famous Royal Enclosure, open only to guests of the Queen and others specially chosen to attend.

So how did you gain access to this most exclusive box, where you can mix it up with some of the rich and famous from the UK and the world.

How do you get invited to the Royal Enclosure at Ascot?

The royal compound is often frequented by Britain’s most famous family


To gain access to the royal grounds of Royal Ascot, you must be a member.

You cannot apply for membership as it is an invitation only unless you are sponsored by two eligible members. A registration fee of £100 applies to those wishing to register.

Access will give you the chance to see the sprawling lawns and sample chic afternoon tea and expensive meals. Meal prices in the Royal Enclosure start at £1,499 up to £2,299.

The club was once reserved for guests of the monarch, Royal Ascot explained: “The origins of the Royal Enclosure date back to 1807, when an area was reserved exclusively for the family, guests and household of King George III to view the first run of the Gold Cup.”

The Gold Cup is the most prestigious event at the racecourse and by far the best known, considered one of the best British horse races.

Access to the enclosure changed later, Ascot said: “The royal enclosure as we know it today was established in the mid-19th century when the Emperor of Russia, Nicholas I, visited Ascot for the first time as a guest of Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert.”

The area in front of the grandstand has thus become the “most exclusive part of the racecourse”.

What is the dress code for the Royal Enclosure of Ascot?

A strict dress code applies to lucky participants


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As you would expect, the dress code in the royal enclosure is very formal and people should attend in their best finery.

Women’s dresses and skirts should be of a modest length, falling just above the knee or even longer.

Strapless or off-the-shoulder dresses are not permitted in the royal enclosure, while dresses or tops must have straps of at least one inch.

Women are allowed to wear jackets and pashminas, but anything below must still follow the dress code.

Pants and pant sets are welcome as long as they are a matching color.

The key addition for women is a hat, which “must be worn” unless replaced by headgear at least four inches (10 cm) in diameter. Fascinators are not permitted unless worn by girls between the ages of 10 and 17.

Men should wear a waistcoat and tie as part of a black, navy or gray morning suit, and a top hat of the same color.

Hats can only be removed inside a restaurant, a private box, a private club or on the terrace, balcony or garden of an establishment. Socks above the ankle should also be worn.

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