AWOLNATION Scorpions Cover With Brandon Boyd + Portugal. The man


It’s time to wet your whistle, as AWOLNATION has revealed a new cover of the Scorpions’ 1991 rock ballad, “Wind of Change.” And singer Aaron Bruno has a few guests helping him out as Brandon Boyd of Incubus and the members of Portugal. The Man also appears on the song. Listen to the cover and watch the video in the player below.

“Wind of Change” is the first in a series of AWOLNATION covers that could arrive this year, as Bruno took advantage of the pandemic downtime to complete a collection of covers titled My echo, my shadow, my blankets it’s slated for release on May 6th.

The singer explained to Billboard: “I thought it was an opportunity – since I was on my own, like everyone else – to do a cover album. I’ve always wanted to do this, and these are songs that made me feel like I was escaping the reality of 2020. And then 2021 and now 2022.”

As for having not one but several guests on the cover of Scorpions, the musician calls it a happy accident. He first reached out to Portugal. The Man, but a delay in the turnaround due to the band working on their own record then led him to ask longtime friend Brandon Boyd of Incubus.

“Just when I got Brandon’s voice, the guys from Portugal said, ‘Hey, we’re in town. We want to come and do the song. That’s when it all started to settle down and people started coming together. I was like, ‘Oh fuck, I hope they’re both cool with each other.’ I asked them both separately if the three of us were on the song together, and everyone was really excited about it,” Bruno said. “It was a totally weird combination of worlds and a happy accident. .”

Speaking about the decision to cover “Wind of Change”, Bruno says he liked the challenge “mainly because it was a ridiculous idea (laughs) and a huge attempt not to butcher a classic song”. He added: “One of the funniest things about a covers record is that if someone doesn’t like the songs, it’s not my fault. I didn’t write it. I picked out some great songs and just a weird collection of songs that I’ve always wanted to cover at some point in my career I’ll never claim I even scratch the surface of the originals but that was just a fun thing to do.

The original song first appeared on Scorpions’ Crazy world album and was written after the band’s visit to the Soviet Union in the late 80s towards the end of the Cold War. The song reached number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 and is a certified gold single in the United States.

Listen to the cover below and you can grab the song via streaming services here.

AWOLNATION Featuring Brandon Boyd + Portugal.The Man, “Wind of Change” (Scorpions Cover)

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