Best Summer Books of 2022: Pop Music


by PJ Harvey, Picador €16.99

Among the most literary rock stars, Harvey has successfully reinvented herself as a poet. Orlam is a gripping narrative poem about rural childhood told in the Dorset dialect, with echoes of Ted Hughes and under the milk wood. “Wordle” means “world” in its West Country verse, not a game.

Good pop, bad pop: An inventory
by Jarvis Cocker Jonathan cape 20 €

A fan of garage sales in his youth in Sheffield, the leader of Pulp Cocker has transformed his love of bric-a-brac into a funny DIY of memories. Good pop, bad pop uses items stored in his loft, from a dirty joke book to second-hand shirts, as triggers for memories of his younger self.

Rebel: Just another life to live
by Vashti Bunyan, White Rabbit €16.99

Bunyan is a hippie singer-songwriter who released a flop album in 1970. He rose to cult status years later after giving up a music career. In Rebelshe recounts her life as a wandering bohemian in the British Isles: a self-portrait of deft strokes and quietly gathered strength, just like her songs.

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Exit stage left: The strange afterlife of pop stars
by Nick Durden, Title £20

” So what ? Duerden asks Exit stage left. The question is directed at the former chart toppers who populate his book, a parade of mostly British acts of all genres through whose experiences he explores the ultimate challenge of pop stardom – what happens after the hits dry up .

Jeans and Leather: The rise and fall of the new wave of British heavy metal
by Michael Hann, Police officer £20

The “New Wave of British Heavy Metal” followed punk into the 1970s, a faster, louder version of the first generation of metal bands. Contributor FT Hann’s Jeans and Leather is an in-depth oral history of this unglamorous but influential scene, from forgotten acts to big names like Iron Maiden.

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