Black Manta’s new quest sets the world on fire in a stunning pouch


Black Manta is on a quest to find secrets from his past, and a special cover variant for Black Manta # 4 shows how far he’s ready to go.

Warning: Contains preview pages for Black manta n ° 4!

These last months, Black mantis has traveled a thin line between good and evil, in pursuit of a mysterious metal that kills anyone with Atlantean DNA, and in a special variant cover for Black manta # 4, on sale in print and digital on December 14, Manta is about to set the world on fire in its quest for this deadly substance.

Since its first appearance in the years 1967 Aquaman # 35, Black Manta has been one of Aquaman’s greatest enemies, even going so far as to kill the Sea King’s toddler son. A ruthless mercenary with an array of high-tech gadgets that allow him to function underwater, Black Manta is also the father of Jackson Hyde, aka Aqualad. Earlier this year, as part of Aquaman’s 80th birthday celebratione anniversary, Black Manta received his very first series, one that saw Manta flirt with hero status. Black Manta and his new sidekick, Gallous Goat, hunt down an elusive new submarine villain calling himself Devil Ray. Black Manta and Devil Ray both search for a mysterious element called Orichalcum, which can kill a person with just a shard of Atlantean DNA. When Manta was exposed to the metal, he was shocked to see that it affected him, meaning he has an Atlantean heritage. In a desperate search for both Devil Ray and the key to his past, Manta encountered the mysterious Torrid, who in a preview for Black manta # 4, direct the villain towards a mysterious wizard who may be able to help him; Manta is not optimistic that the wizard will cooperate and be ready for battle. The issue is written by Chuck Brown with illustrations by Valentine De Landro and Matthew Dow Smith.


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DC Comics provided AIPT with issue preview pages, shared below, as well as a preview of the issue’s two covers. In a cover variation, by artist Sanford Greene, Black Manta comes straight to the drive, both cannons in the air, ready for battle. Behind him are burning ruins – it’s clear Manta cleaned out the house.

Cover of the Black Manta variant, showing it coming towards the reader, both weapons ready
Black Manta overview page
Black Manta overview page

His revelation of Atlantean DNA shocked Black Manta to his heart, sending him on a quest through time and space to find the truth. Along the way, Black Manta took on a sidekick, something the villain would never have done in the past. It may seem like Black Manta is turning into a great guy, but by the end of the preview he’s quite ready to attack and hurt the Atlantean wizard if he doesn’t cooperate, which is far from it. the act of a hero. No one, not Goat, Torrid, or Devil Ray, is going to stop Manta from unraveling the secrets of not only her past, but the metal Orichalcum as well, and the Sanford Greene variant captures Manta’s motivation and resolve perfectly.

The past few months have turned everything Black Manta thought he knew about himself upside down, leading the villain on a quest through time, space and himself and this special variant of cover for Black mantis # 4 shows how far he will go to find the answers he is looking for.

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