Brass Against Call Back ‘Matrix’ with end credits cover ‘Wake Up’


The matrix the franchise restarted with Matrix resurrections being the latest installment, and while some things in the movie may seem familiar, new twists are added. One of those twists comes at the end of the film with Brass Against getting the feature film with its cover of “Wake Up” from Rage Against the Machine.

The politically charged song turned out to be the perfect track to end the original film, with Keanu reeves‘Neo makes a phone call to inform those overseeing his actions of his plan to expose their actions as he hangs up the phone and flies off leading to the end credits of the film.

Without revealing the ending of the new film, “Wake Up” again plays a role in the action’s conclusion, but this time it’s Brass Against, female-led, who does the honors of the musical line with her. cover of “Wake Up” which leads to the end credits.

Brass Against have gained notoriety in recent years for their horn blankets popular heavy hard rock and metal songs, although earlier this year they gained a different kind of notoriety when singer Sophia Urista raised her eyebrows for publicly urinating on a consenting fan during an appearance. at the festival.

Brass Against, with Urista taking care of the vocals, delivered a touching take on the song when it was first cover in 2018, and the group tweeted about their inclusion in the film’s pivotal moment and end credits as we see it below.

“Wake Up” originally appeared on Rage Against the Machine’s self-titled debut album in 1992. It then sparked renewed interest when it was salvaged for the iconic ending of the original 1999. Matrix film and also appeared on the film’s soundtrack. Although the cover of Brass Against appears in the new film, it was not among the tracks on Matrix resurrections soundtrack. Check out the Brass Against cover video below.

Brass Against, “Wake Up” (Rage Against the Machine Cover)

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