Brian Fair: Shadows Fall talked about working on new music


THE SHADOW FALLS, the Massachusetts metal band that was at the forefront of the New Wave of American Metal scene that dominated the 2000s, came together to play a one-off show on December 18, 2021 at the Palladium in Worcester, Massachusetts native. were also on the bill DISCOVER, DARKEST HOUR, IN THE RUINS, SWORN ENEMY and CARNIVORES.

In a new interview with the Podcast Podoslave, conducted just a few days after the reunion concert, THE SHADOW FALLS a singer Brian fair stated about the return performance (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “It was crazy, man. It couldn’t have been better than we could have hoped for. It was a long time coming. At sunset. We always loved making music together, we still loved playing shows but life was just starting to get in the way I was about to have my second child; Paul [Romanko, bass] had already had a child. It was just getting tough, so we kind of fizzled out. So over the last few years we’ve kind of, every now and then, the idea of, “Yeah, we should probably do a show.” But then, at five, we were like, ‘Alright. It’s been quite a long time. We really want to do this. And we had a date, and we were all systems on, and then COVID happened. Literally, we were going to announce probably three weeks before the world goes out. Luckily we didn’t, so we could kind of, like, “Okay…” It’s not like we have to announce it and then back down. And it gave us a little more time to really think about what we wanted to do.

“The key for us was that we didn’t try to be like a quick throw, make money and disappear,” he explained. “We were like, ‘We want a sick bill that makes sense. “So once we have SWORN ENEMY, DARKEST HOUR and DISCOVER to sign, we were like, “Alright. That’s where we want to start. We want meaningful bands that are our team. And then we also wanted to have younger local bands. Mast [Bachand, rhythm guitar] had worked with CARNIVORES always. And we knew the IN THE RUINS guys. And we were like, ‘Alright, we’ve got our bill.’ We knew it would be at the Palladium before. It was like our backyard; it was like our hometown. We played so many metal festivals and opened so many great concerts [at that venue]. “

Fair added: “And then we were like, ‘We also want to be ready as a razor. “We weren’t known to rehearse very hard back then. We were kind of a lazy bunch when it came to training. ‘Destroyer of meaning’. We don’t need to play it again. And then you realize, ‘We probably should have dusted it off.’ So we really focused and trained like crazy, alone and then together. And, man, that was probably as good as we’ve ever sounded. We were super ready. The crowd was incredible. We brought in a great team and a great production. We brought the lights; we did it all. We thought, ‘We’re not denying this shit. It’s gonna be a fucking party. And it was, man. It was awesome. My family was out. I had the kids on stage with me at one point. And PaulThe kid came out. They got to see their cool dads at least once, and not just Youtube. The atmosphere was very festive. [There] It was a crazy sinkhole and people were going crazy, but it wasn’t an angry vibe in there at all. It was very welcoming and very humbling too. “

Asked if there is a chance of THE SHADOW FALLS work on new music, Fair said: “We talked about writing things down, and there is a THE SHADOW FALLS approach to writing. So if Mast Where Jon [Donais, lead guitar] Where Paul had ideas that really made sense, I could see us chasing them. But nothing at the moment. All we wanted to do was go through this show – we wanted to go through it, see if we could pull it off, see how it went. And now we’re like, “Okay, now we can think about whether we want to do something else.” But nothing planned for the moment. I know Jon and Mast are riff machines – I’m sure they have some stuff – but they also have other projects they’re working on as well… back into shape. “

THE SHADOW FALLS released a statement in August 2014 in which members of the group explained that financial difficulties made it virtually impossible for the group to continue working full time.

In August 2015, THE SHADOW FALLS performed a few reunion gigs on the east coast of the United States, a year after completing what was then billed as the group’s “last” European tour.

THE SHADOW FALLSthe last album of, “Fire from heaven”, released in May 2012 via Razor & Tie. The CD sold around 10,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release and debuted at # 38 on The Billboard 200 chart.

Donais and Bachand recently started a new project called LIVE WRECK, in which they are joined by the guitarist Matt LeBreton (DOWNPOUR), drummer Jon morency (LET US PREY) and singer Jeff Gard VISION OF THE RAY OF DEATH.


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