BRIDGE CITY SINNERS release crazy cover of MOTÖRHEAD’s “Go To Hell”


If you were driving around Portland, Oregon, you might have caught Bridge City sinners singer Libby Lux and bassist Scott Michaud and some of their buddies performing on the sidewalks of their hometown. You will definitely remember seeing and hearing Lux for her highly cultured tattooed devil look and Dark Folk vocal styles. If Dark Folk is a new genre for you, Bridge City sinners also used Appalachian Death Rock and Black Grass (the dark version of Blue Grass of course), to describe their sound. Even the band themselves admit that it’s still quite difficult to define which gender they most identify with since they reunited in 2016.

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However, if you like your jams to focus on darker subject matter like death, the devil, and sordid, sin-driven storytelling, something at a time Bridge City sinners and Motorhead both dig, you’ve come to the right place. The song comes from Motorheadthe 1982 record, iron fist. The band had been on top (in more ways than one) since 1980 with two killer albums, Ace of Spadess and one of the greatest live metal records of any band, No sleep till Hammersmith (nineteen eighty one). iron fist is the last Motorhead record with the dream trio of Lemmy, Philthyand Fast Eddie Clarke. This is due to the fact clarkas he often did, once again left the group as Motorhead was on tour to support Iron fist. The only thing different this time was, according to Lemmy (noted in his book White line fever), the band did not “invite” him back.

There are some things we can probably agree on when it comes to iron fist; it’s a good record that had to compete with Ace of Spades and Black-smith. It’s also pretty angry, which translates to some awesome, grumpy stuff from Lemmy and the boys. When it comes to “Go to Hell,” the song’s message is embedded in the title — one last crush on your good-for-nothing ex. And having Libby Lux delivering the song from a female perspective helps the song take on a new twist. Or maybe that makes it more twisted? Anyway really works. Here is Lux praising Lemmy properly :

“I have long been Motorhead fan. I mean, Lemmy is a God. He’s always been a rock and roll god. In fact, we played with cat head just after Lemmy deceased. I think everyone was really heartbroken after we lost him. I try not to get too entangled in celebrity nonsense, but there are definitely a few people who have made their mark on the scene and me as an individual who take on that grittier side and darker vibe. He (Lemmy) was a pioneer of this kind of music. We are so honored to be here.”

And let’s not forget, Lemmy himself was a man of widely varying musical tastes. He liked the Everly Brothers calling their harmonies “supernatural” (Hit Parader/1984), and as we all know, he loved ABBA. And mix a little on Love Me Forever: A Tribute to Motörheadthe next Motorhead tribute, that’s exactly what Bridge City sinners do with their stringy cover of “Go To Hell”. It would be home playing the jukebox in a filthy bar just when a fight breaks out because someone looked the wrong girl on it. The right way.

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sinner city bridge“Go to Hell” is available now for digital download on all major platforms, including the Psycho Waxx Bandcamp page where you can pre-order a 2LP copy of yourself. Love Me Forever: A Tribute to Motörhead on Sumptuous Oxblood Waxx. Vinyl pre-orders ship by August 8.

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