British death metal band Venom Prison release a cover of Stampin’ Ground’s “Officer Down” — MP3 and PNJ


British death metal band Venom Prison have released their cover of Stampin’ Ground’s “Officer Down” yesterday.

Venom Prison had this to say about the cover, which can be heard below:

“Stampin’ Ground is a band that we respected and admired even before VENOM PRISON existed and we always toyed with the idea of ​​a cover without ever knowing what would work with VENOM PRISON. We used to listen to ‘Carved From Empty Words’ in the van while going to concerts or on tour. Stampin’ Ground being a metal/hardcore band, it fit perfectly with VENOM PRISON. We also recorded ‘Erebos’ with Scott Atkins who was a member of Stampin’ Ground and knew from the start that Scott would understand us as a band. Our cover is true to the original with some slight changes to make it our own.

Atkins, who played guitar in Stampin’ Ground, had this to say about the cover of Venom Prison:

“’Officer Down’ came to life the first time we played it live. It became our biggest song overnight and it’s amazing that we still see it over 20 years later. it was one of those songs that almost wrote itself, as it had to, it stood the test of time. It’s been covered by many bands but this version of VENOM PRISON is definitely one of my favorites. Having produced their last album, ‘Erebos’, I must have known the band very well, it was surprising how their work ethic and influences matched those of Stampin’ Ground in so many ways. I hope everyone enjoys this new release as much as our original!

The cover of Venom Prison is underway digital services at present.


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