CHAOS RISING DEATH Classic Blanket “Trapped In A Corner”


This month marks 20 years since the untimely death of visionary Death guitarist / singer Chuck Schuldiner. To celebrate its deep influence on death metal history and guitar playing, Chaos Rising made a cover of the classic Death track “Trapped In A Corner”, taken from Individual Thought Patterns.

Founded by French multi-instrumentalist Stéphanie Nolf (Unsafe, Syrinx), Chaos Rising is a unique project that brings together metal musicians from all over the world. This release is another truly international collaboration, featuring guitars by Barbara Teleki (UK / Hungary) and Victoria Villareal (US), drums by Siddhi Shah (India / Dubai) and vocals / bass by Stéphanie elle- same (France).

Chuck Schuldiner had a huge influence on guitar playing and Barbara Teleki’s philosophy of life, and she chose this particular song, “Trapped In A Corner”, because of the solo section. “It’s so cool and long, and it was the coolest thing to share it with Victoria. We wanted to collaborate for ages, but it never worked, and finally the time is right!

This is the second cover of Chaos Rising, following their performance of Napalm Death’s “Greed Killing” in October 2020, and it is also their own twentieth song release. Chaos Rising’s pioneering model, with the ambitious vision of releasing one song every month in different metal subgenres, means the girls are constantly writing, recording and innovating. With a double album on the way, the project continues to strengthen.


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