China’s hot South music season to kick off at Winter Olympics site


Promotional material for the Midi musical season Photo: Courtesy of Midi

The Noon Music Season, one of China’s most popular music festivals, is due to kick off Friday at the Cuiyunshan International Resort in Chongli, Hebei Province.

The return of the musical event shows that the outdoor entertainment industry is regaining vitality in 2022. The programming for the Midi 2022 musical season will certainly live up to public expectations with stars such as the new godfather of the Chinese rock Xie Tianxiao, the pioneers of Chinese heavy metal rock. Tang Dynasty and unique art rock band Soundtoy will perform on stage on the first day.

Band Tang Dynasty at the Midi Musical Season Photo: Courtesy of Midi

Tang Dynasty will open the show to ignite the audience’s passion. The event will also feature emerging Chinese rock bands such as Muma and Hyper slash to attract more young music lovers.

There will be two stages at the two-day festival, the SuperX Chongli rock stage sponsored by Midi and the Cuiyunshan stage for hip-hop and electronic music sponsored by the Cuiyunshan International Tourism Resort. With the special atmosphere and high-energy live music, this music season will bring music lovers a pure Midi feast.

Free SuperX beer refills and mobile power rental services will be provided during the music festival, allowing music lovers to have fun without worrying about their phone going thirsty or running out of power.

The Midi music brand is not only about music, but also committed to healthy life among young people. It offers a “wild” market with sustainable content that will be available in Cuiyunshan.

Known as one of the sites where the 2022 Winter Olympics were held, Chongli District in Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province is home to many beautiful mountains and natural landscapes. With an average summer temperature of 17 C, it is an ideal summer resort for outdoor events.


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