CREMATORY will release Inglorious Darkness in May; Song Title Music Video Released


Gothic metal icons, crematoria are an undeniable institution. Today, with over 30 years on the scene, the band continues to show why they are considered one of the best in the genre with their new album, Inglorious Darkness, out May 27 via Napalm Records.

Today, Crematory unveiled the first single and album title. The catchy and powerful gothic metal anthem features energetic vocals and heavy guitar tones, proving Crematory’s unstoppable power. The five-track delivers the perfect taste of what their fans can expect from the upcoming studio album with “Inglorious Darkness.” Stay tuned.

Crematory on “Inglorious Darkness”: “It’s the title track of the album with slightly progressive influences and a brilliant hit chorus. The song is about the fear of being alone in the dark, while feeling at comfortable and feeling safe and familiar.

Watch the music video for “Inglorious Darkness” below.

Inglorious Darkness is packed full of dark, resonant anthems, beginning with the title track “Inglorious Darkness” – a true gothic metal anthem and dignified opener that sets the tone for what’s to come. “Break Down The Walls” hits straight, accented by a sweet melody wrapped in rock n’ roll drums that will seep into the listener’s brain, and is further enhanced by Felix’s clean vocals in the verses mixed in with powerful growls in the chorus.

The standout track “Trümmerwelten” lyrically depicts a dystopian scene, while opulent keyboards build epic melodies to create orchestral, symphonic soundscapes underscored by heavy percussion. Career highlight “Tränen der Zeit” shines as brightly as its original version – one of the highlights of the band’s famous concerts – but in a new and modern light. The band breathes new life into one of their all-time classics, engulfing the listener in melancholy and nostalgia as they reunite with an old friend.

On tracks like “Sound Of My Life” and “Not For The Innocent,” the band’s tried-and-tested use of keys and electronic elements is notable, while tracks like “Das Ende” blaze with head-butting, kicks. the drums and pounding energy as the German lyrics further heighten the aura of gothic industrial metal.

With Inglorious Darkness, Crematory prove that their passion burns brighter than ever, and that even after more than 30 years they have solidified themselves as giants of the Gothic Metal genre.

Crematory on Inglorious Darkness: “New band line-up and back to basics with only one guitar and no other vocalist apart from Felix, who sang everything on this album alone, even the clearest vocals. The harshness, melody and sadness are perfectly combined on Inglorious Darkness. Real gothic metal is the watchword, which can be enjoyed here. Many hits sung in German and English, partly electronic, partly orchestral and partly full on the face in a gothic rock’n roll style.

Inglorious Darkness will be available in the following formats:

– Digisleeve CD Edition
– 2LP Gatefold Black
– Wooden box: Digisleeve, Bonus CD, Logo Buckle Belt, Album Cover Flag, Plectrum Set (limited to 400 copies)
– 2LP Gatefold in transparent red (limited to 300 copies)
– Digisleeve & Shirt set
– Complete digital album

Pre-order here.

Track list:

“Gloryless Darkness”
“Break Down the Walls”
“Rest in peace”
“The Sound of My Life”
“Tranen der Zeit”
“Till we Meet Again”
“Zur Holle”
“Not for the Innocents”
“Das Ende”

Video “Inglorious Darkness”:

Line up:

Felix Stass – Vocals
Katrin Jüllich – Keyboards
Markus Jüllich – Drums
Rolf Munkes – Guitar
Patrick Schmid – Bass

(Photo – Stefan Heilemann)


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