Deathstroke’s Arsenal Is The Ultimate Tribute To DC Fans In A New Cover


In a beautiful new variant cover for Deathstroke Inc #10, Deathstroke’s arsenal is full of Easter eggs that will delight DC fans.

While Mortal Blow is already widely regarded as one of the best weapon masters in the DC Universe, a new variant cover depicting his arsenal takes that to a whole new level. The cover is drawn in a wimmelbilder style, which is an art style that features many small details for the viewer to find and explore – commonly seen in the Where is Waldo? books. The cover does this incredibly well, being filled with references to both famous and obscure DC weapons.

Deathstroke is one of DC Comics’ most powerful mercenaries. While this is partly due to his incredible intellect, healing factor, martial arts skills, and superhuman physical abilities, it’s also largely due to his mastery of many different weapons. Deathstroke may prefer using guns and a sword, but he’s proven adept at using just about any weapon he gets his hands on. Now that he has assumed leadership of the TRUST organization, he has access to a vast arsenal of weaponry, including some technology originally owned by Batman. A variant cover shows how important this arsenal is.


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A variant cover Deathstroke Inc. #ten drawn by Filya Bratukhin shows Deathstroke and Black Canary arming themselves with what is presumably TRUST arsenal. The arsenal is full of weapons, and its sheer scale makes Deathstroke and Black Canary seem small in comparison. While offering a good variety of standard weapons like guns and swords, it also features gigantic weapons that could wreak havoc on a large scale, like missiles and explosives. However, the most notable weapons in the room are weapons from highly iconic DC characters. One of Peacemaker’s weaponized helmets is present, along with Hawkman’s wings and Wonder Woman’s cuirass and tiara, showing that the collection takes on both villains and heroes. In addition to the more famous weapons, there are also more obscure additions, such as Dr. Trapp’s metal jaws and Medusa’s head.

Medusa’s head is just one example of the arsenal containing weapons she shouldn’t have access to. While the batarangs hanging on the wall make sense given TRUST’s takeover of Batman’s technology and even weirder inclusions like a Joker Jack-in-the-Box could reasonably have been acquired by an organization within reach. from TRUST, Medusa’s head is supposed to be safely stored somewhere on Themyscira according to Wonder Woman’s mother, Hippolyta. And some weapons like a shield belonging to the Legion of Super-Heroes shouldn’t even exist in this timeline. Considering the huge range this implies for the arsenal to have, Deathstroke could reasonably have at his disposal almost every major weapon in the DC Universe, making the already deadly assassin even more dangerous.

Riddler’s staff, Green Arrow’s bow, Doctor Fate’s helmet, Deadshot’s mask, and Poison Ivy’s carnivorous plants also litter the arsenal. The variant cover is a great collection of DC artifacts and will likely get a lot of fan attention when it hits shelves.

On the cover, while Black Canary seems to have chosen a megaphone as his weapon quite easily, Deathstroke seems to be taking his time examining a gun. This subtle detail shows how dangerous the arsenal could be in his hands. He can now choose the perfect weapon for any mission he takes on, which could have deadly consequences given his apparent involvement in the upcoming DC. dark crisis. While the arsenal on this cover isn’t literally in Mortal Blowpossession of, his TRUST takeover made him the “King of the Villains”, and the art is accurate in conveying that the deadly villain is now more dangerous than ever.

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Deathstroke Inc. #10 will be available from DC Comics on June 28, 2022.

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