Did you know these 9 quirky and fun facts about music?


MMusic has always been part of humanity. Listening to music or singing is a passion for many. This is why music has so many genres. Some people can’t even do their business without music. Whether it’s groceries, errands, or the gym, without music some people find it difficult to complete their daily tasks. It gives people the motivation to complete a task. In the Western world, music therapy is one of the most effective instruments for channeling your energy and emotions to achieve perfection in activity and to reduce anxiety and depression.

The article has collected unusual and fun facts about everyone’s favorite art form, which is music.

1. Fender couldn’t play guitar:

When you hear the name, Fender, you immediately recognize him as the founder of the guitar. But, what if I say that the founder of the instrument, Leo Fender, never played the instrument? He didn’t even learn to play the guitar. Fender began his career repairing phonographs, radios, and other electronic devices. In the 1940s, Fender began making guitars as a different kind of instrument. Later in the 1950s, they released the first mass-produced electric guitar.

Leo Fender at the drawing board (Image: Bob Perine)

2. Music syncs with your heartbeat:

Experts say that music is directly related to the activities of different parts of our body, especially the cardiovascular system. In research, it was discovered earlier that hearts react differently to different beats and tempos of music. In addition, brain cells also respond quickly to music. It also shows how a distorted piece of music can increase heartbeats and raise blood pressure.

2.Music syncs with your heartbeats
Photo: Frank Scherbaum

3. Eminem – Rap God:

A hit song by Eminem holds the world record for the most words in a song. The song, ‘god of rap‘, contains 1560 words in the song. And he sang them at an average rate of 4.28 words per second. The song was released in 2013, in the month of October. It belonged to the Marshal Matters album.

4. British Rock Band Queen:

Once, the Queen group shook the stage and dominated the spirits. But did you know that the group became memorial in 1970? The band appeared on a €5 coin issued in January 2022. One of the most famous songs is still a people’s favorite and has been part of many sports anthems. The song has been made, remade and remixed by many later artists. The record sales of their songs and albums made them one of the greatest music groups of all time.

Photo Credit – kenyabtsarmy.wordpress.com

5. Singers have a shorter lifespan than others:

According to the study conducted by the University of Sydney, singers and musicians have a shorter lifespan than others. Although there is no practical reason behind this, they found it from the number of suicides, homicides and accidental deaths. The data was studied according to the sex of the musicians and the decade of their death.

6. Nicky Minaj was a waitress:

One of the most famous musicians of this era, Nicky Minaj, used to wait at the tables of the Red Lobster in New York, before becoming a singer. In an interview, she even mentioned, “If you ate at Red Lobster, I probably took your order.” Success was achieved through a great journey undertaken.

Nicky Minaj
Image Credit – Yahoo

7. Some people are really insensitive to music:

A study conducted by the University of Barcelona showed that 5% of the total people gathered feel nothing towards music. Although they may enjoy other things like food, sleep, travel and others, they do not feel anything while listening to music. In addition, these students did not present any physical or mental disorder.

8. The oldest song in the world:

The Hurrian Hymn No. 6 is considered the oldest song in the world. It was sung over 3400 years ago. The song is said to be a rhyme of an ancient Nikkai goddess. It was composed in the 14th century. The tunes of the song were discovered in clay tablets. It was excavated in the 1950s.

9. Finland has the highest number of metal bands per capita in the world:

A Reddit user created a map using data from Encyclopedia Metallum’s metal band archives. He found that in Finland there are 53.5 gangs per 100,000 people in the country. Second place is tied between two countries, Norway and Sweden. Although heavy metal music originated in the UK and the US, their numbers are limited to only 5.5 and 5.2 respectively.

Today it is difficult to imagine a world without music. If music disappears from the planet, humanity will see the worst of disasters. It makes people feel different – sometimes unique, sometimes motivated, energized and inspired.


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