From AC/DC to Frank Sinatra – Shaun White Reveals His Routine Musical Taste


Legendary 35-year-old snowboarder Shaun White finally ended his glorious Olympic career after the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Now White will take care of everything he couldn’t, due busy schedule of a world-class athlete.


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Sadly, he failed to land a medal no matter what, this time at the Beijing Winter Olympics. Nevertheless, he still remains the only male snowboarder to have successfully defended his Olympic championship. Additionally, he also holds the record for most Olympic gold medals by a snowboarder.

White is now sharing much of her wisdom and personal experiences in an interview with the “Today Show.” In fact, he even reveals the music he loves and the tunes that prepare him for ice carving.


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Shaun White shares his pre-race music choice

Triple Olympic gold medalist Shaun White likes his tunes before going on the ice. Speaking to the Today Show, White answered many of the snowboarding questions everyone wants to ask.

Finally, the conversation boiled down to whether snowboarders and skiers liked each other or not. Responding that the two types of athletes didn’t like each other, he shared that was in the past. Now things have changed.

However, he still pointed out how much skiing is all about maniacally making sure how to shave seconds off your total time. On the other hand, when it comes to snowboarding, it all comes down to personal style and musical tastes that govern the sport.

Naturally, this led to the question of what kind of music Shaun White himself enjoys while on his runs. White then revealed that he loved artists like Aretha Franklin, Al Green and Frank Sinatra. Obviously, Shaun is an old soul and his taste in music makes it evident, with the strong influence of the R&B and soul genre.


Shaun White Thanks Fans For Supporting His ‘Whitespace’ Brand After Retiring From Snowboarding

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Additionally, he also immerses himself in rock and indie music, with Black Keys and Tame Impala being his go-to picks. Also, when it comes to motivating himself for competition, White shared that he plays a lot of AC/DC or Led Zeppelin. Obviously, the metal tunes piss Shaun off and set him up to hit the ice.

“You need something that looks like something, you have a boost”, White spoke about the music selection ahead of the broadcast. After all, “you only hear the first part of it, so it has to come strong,” He described.

White is grateful for the support his clothing brand is receiving

Before the Beijing Winter Olympics, White had recently launched its new brand Whitespace. Whitespace is a website that deals with snowboarding sportswear and equipment.

Beijing 2022 Olympic Games – Snowboarding – Men’s Snowboard Halfpipe Final Run 3 – Genting Snow Park, Zhangjiakou, China – February 11, 2022. Shaun White of the USA reacts after his run. REUTERS/Mike Blake

Just before the Winter Olympics this year, White had released a large number of snowboards for sale. Now, with only four days left until the end of the sale, White is amazed at how nearly all of them have sold out.


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In that vein, he thanked all of his fans for supporting his business and buying the boards as quickly as they did. Additionally, he also expressed his excitement at seeing the boards in action on the mountains, where he might even join other snowboarders wearing Whitespace boards.

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