GLADENFOLD from Finland will release a new album in April; The cover and the tracklist revealed


Finnish melodic metal band Gladenfold will release their third studio album, Nemesis, on April 29 via Reaper Entertainment, this time reflecting on their melodic death metal roots, resulting in by far their darkest and most extreme album, both in terms of sound and atmosphere. Once again, with expansive soundscapes and versatile songwriting, the band delivers soft and delicate acoustic sounds, aggressive and fast riffs, grand and majestic parts and uplifting power metal moments, all hallmarks of the sonic repertoire of Gladenfold.

The album was mixed by Juhis Kauppinen at ShedStudios and again mastered by Joona Lukala at Noise For Fiction. The stunning cover is by Felipe Machano Franco, known for his work for bands such as Blind Guardian, Iron Savior and Rhapsody Of Fire.

The band comments on the cover:

“We wanted the album cover to reflect the dark and eerie vibe of the album, which is present both musically and lyrically. Many of the songs are about self-reflection, going to the dark regions of your own mind and discovering the existence of your own bad sides. Considering that, the cover should speak for itself. Felipe really nailed our vision with his craftsmanship.

The first single and music video will be released on February 25. Stay tuned and prepare, because a storm is coming.

List of tracks:

“Hunter’s Carnival”
“Chiara’s Blessing”
“Storm Stone”
“The Curse of Loneliness”
“Tapestry of Creation”
“Eternal Glory”
“Where the Mountains Cry”


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