Ingested releases new music video for ‘Ashes Lie Still’


INGESTED have released a new music video!

The new music video, for the track The ashes still lieis the brand new single from the English death metal band and follows their latest single, Renaissancewhich was released in January.

The new single was co-produced by the band and a former collaborator Nico Beninatodrummer Lyn Jeffs living near Beninatoin Majorca and recording his drums there, while the guitarist Sean hynes recorded his guitars at his home in the UK with the help of the producer remotely. Voice tracking was interrupted by the singer Jason Evans falling seriously ill on his way to Mallorca eventually and was eventually found in Manchester. The bass was again provided by Dominica Grimard [ION DISSONANCE/THE LAST FELONY].

Speaking of the new single, guitarist Sean Hynes said, The ashes still lie was written in my darkest times, my dad died suddenly while I was on tour and the next day Covid interrupted our career for over two years. You can hear my pain and frustration both musically and lyrically; it’s a dark and brooding track and Julia Perfectly complements the feel of the track. It’s an incredibly personal song for me and I’m proud that it’s the first single from our Metal Blade beginning.”

Watch the official music video for Ashes Lie Still here:

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