INGESTED shares music video for new single “Tides Of Glass”


Ingested will release their new album, Ashes Lie Still, on November 4 via Metal Blade. Today, the group shared the video for “Tides Of Glass.” Look below.

“This song is about loss, division, and the long battle to get you out of the darkest depths of your own mind,” says vocalist Jason Evans. “It’s ominous, eerie and overwhelmingly heavy – and we wanted to match the dark atmosphere of the song with another great video from our longtime videographer, the very talented Loki Films. The video is dark and captures perfectly the desperation of lyrical content. So turn up the volume to the max and crawl with us through the “Tides of Glass”.

Ingested are the standard bearers of modern British death metal. They churned out bilious anti-anthems for over a decade and a half, dropping a string of releases that helped shape the genre. They return with Ashes Lie Still, their most dynamic, inventive and daring release yet, holding nothing back. The band describes it as “a modern essential. It still has the basic ingested elements of groovy slamming riffs, fast drumming and guttural vocals, but there’s also atmosphere, ethereal moments and a certain raw aggression of the old school.”

Over the course of 10 tracks, Ingested hack, slash and steamroll through everything in their path, and Ashes Lie Still easily stands as the culmination of an already impressive career.

Founded in 2006 in Manchester, England, Ingested have since toured extensively with Cannibal Corpse, The Black Dahlia Murder, Nile, Carnifex and Revocation, and have been seen performing on European festival stages including Summer Breeze Open Air. Reduced to a trio, the group feels like it’s the best place it’s ever been, allowing the members to work at the top of their game.

Ashes Lie Still was co-produced by the band and former collaborator Nico Beninato, with drummer Lyn Jeffs living close to Beninato’s Mallorca studio and recording his drums there, while Sean Hynes recorded his guitars at home in the UK with help from the producer remotely. The voice tracking was interrupted by Jason Evans falling seriously ill when he finally arrived in Mallorca and was eventually found in Manchester. Bass was again provided by Dominic Grimard (Ion Dissonance/The Last Felony).

Ingested succinctly sums up their existence by saying, “We’ve always been the underdogs, always fighting for leftovers. Well, it’s time to get out of this fucking way, because now it’s our turn to eat at the table. “

The album will be available in several vinyl variants, all listed below:

* Clear with Black Smoke (US exclusive)
* Sunset Peach Marble (USA exclusive)
* Marbled mauve purple (EU exclusive ltd to 1000)
* Natural transparent with white splashes (EU exclusive up to 250)
* Color white/orange (EU exclusive ltd to 250)
* Natural clear with blue-violet, orange and black splashes (EU exclusive limited to 250)

Pre-order here.

Track list:

“Ashes Lie Still” (feat. Julia Frau)
“Shadows in Time”
“You’ll Never Learn”
“Tides of Glass”
“From Hollow Words” (Feat. Sven de Caluwe)
“Sea of ​​Stone”
“All I’ve Lost” (Feat. Matthew K. Heafy)
“With Broken Wings”
“Echoes of Hatred”
“Scratch the Vein”
“Rebirth” (digital version only; new mix by Christian Donaldson)

Video “Shadows in Time”:

Line up:

Jason Evans – Vocals
Sean Hynes – Guitars + Backing Vocals
Lyn Jeffs – Drums


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