“It’s been a scam for artists from the start”


The Spotify spat ultimately hit the world of rock and metal directly. After artists like Neil Young and Joni Mitchell removed their music from the streaming service due to a disagreement with Spotify continuing to host The Joe Rogan podcast, Failure also released their music. Failure said Spotify was “a scam for artists from the start” and that they “simply cannot respond to Spotify’s insistence on spreading misinformation about something that directly endangers the supply chain of our group”.

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Failure mentions that all their music is still available on Bandcamp, as well as other streaming services like Apple Music. The failure originally existed between 1990 and 1997, and then again from 2014 to the present day. The group has six albums and five EPs to their credit, including the album at the end of 2021 wild type droid.

Failure struggled with the issue of Spotify and whether to have our new music, which we control, on the platform. Until now, our ambivalence about Spotify has been based on their draconian royalty calculation which essentially gives artists a microscopic fraction of the money their music generates on the platform.

“We’ve all seen stories about how little Spotify pays artists whose proceeds fuel their entire business model. preceded.

“But artists who want their music to be heard by as many ears as possible have had a difficult decision to make. Do we give our music to a company that devalues ​​our product to the point where Spotify’s royalty checks have become the target of humorous memes. , or are we holding our music back from the platform and supposedly missing out on an “entire generation of music listeners?”

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“It’s right there Failure since 2015, when we released our first album since our reunion. Nodding to the desire for more ear holes. But now, with Spotify’s recent policy change that allows misinformation about COVID vaccines to thrive on their platform, Failure have decided enough is enough.

“Beyond the moral issues raised by Spotify’s COVID decision, the issue of vaccine misinformation and how it directly affects the current situation in the live music space is simply untenable. ‘actual hour, Failure have a 31-date US tour booked for June. The last tour we had booked in 2019 was canceled due to COVID, which was a huge blow for the band.

“The vast majority of venues on our upcoming tour require proof of vaccination or a negative test to view our show. We simply cannot respond to Spotify’s insistence on spreading misinformation about something that directly endangers our group’s supply chain of human beings in a room. There are many layers and reasons for our decision, but looking at the capitalist angle of the free market, this group, like any other small business, cuts ties with a partner who continues to reduce our results At this level, this problem is really as simple as that.

“Of course, no system or company is perfect, but we have alternatives to Spotify that allow the band to be compensated in a more sustainable way, and without the need to associate themselves with dangerous health policy lies. public.

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“If you would like to purchase lossless digital versions of our entire catalog, we encourage you to purchase our music on Bandcamp: failband.bandcamp.com

“If you want to stream our music, we continue to offer our music through Apple and other streaming services.

“We encourage other artists who want to be paid more for their music, and who don’t want to do business with a company that is comfortable jeopardizing the industry to which they owe their entire business model, to us. to rejoin.

It all started when Young told Spotify earlier in January that they were pulling either The Joe Rogan Podcast off their platform after Young accused Rogan to “spread false information about vaccines – potentially causing the death of those who believe this misinformation is spread by them”, or to lose Youngis the music. Whereas Spotify is paid Rogan somewhere in the realm of $100 million for exclusive rights to the podcast in 2020, you can guess who stayed. The backlash was immediate and Spotify addressed the issue earlier this week alongside a statement from Rogan.

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