John Oliver Says Goodbye to “Business Daddy” AT&T in Epic Fashion


“It’s been a big week for OAN, but not in a good way,” John Oliver said on Sunday night’s edition of Last week tonight.

Yes, DirecTV has finally agreed to drop the right-wing propaganda network One America News Network despite pleas from Republican attorneys general and senators for the satellite cable provider to keep it. And DirecTV is owned by AT&T, which recently sold its stake in Oliver’s parent company, WarnerMedia, following its merger with Discovery.

“Just so you know, the provider he’s referring to is DirecTV, which is a subsidiary of a parent company that I won’t mention because I don’t even like to say their name out of my mouth,” Oliver joked.

“Interestingly, as of Friday, AT&T no longer officially owns us, so it’s goodbye to me, business dad, and let me just say this” – Oliver added, before holding up two middle fingers – “this which is frankly two more bars than you’ve ever had.

Oliver had previously attacked his then parent company AT&T for its involvement in the rise of OAN – “with approximately 90% of its revenue generated from its AT&T and DirecTV deals”, Oliver explained – not to mention the fact that AT&T executives came up with the idea to create OAN in the first place.

Well, OAN was finally pulled from DirecTV — “and not too soon,” Oliver said, because the channel’s coverage of Russia’s war on Ukraine has been despicable, including baselessly questioning whether a Ukrainian maternity hospital had even been bombed by Russian forces.

OAN later decided to sue DirecTV for $1 billion, claiming it violated “a non-disparagement provision” in its contract with AT&T because the shows it owns spoke badly of OAN, including Oliver’s Last week tonight.

He quoted Oliver calling OAN, among other things, “a motley bunch of fascists…who are happy to give a platform to the shitty voter fraud theories of America’s most breathless pillow fetishist.”

Zero lies detected.


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