KARDASHEV unveils new music video for “Glass Phantoms”


Deathglare unit based in Tempe, Arizona KARDASHEV released “glass ghosts“, the latest single from their emotional new album liminal ritual ready for release June 10 through Metal Blade Records. Be sure to watch the music video for the new single below!

liminal ritual features eleven deeply catchy, poignant and musically awe-inspiring tracks. Opening with the magnificent drones of “The Approaching Of Atonement” before launching into the densely layered and surging “Silvered Shadows”, an air of tragedy hovers over much of the record’s proceedings, demanding an emotional response at every turn. musical. The disc follows a narrative presented by drummer Sean Lang’s spoken word parts. Elaborates guitarist Nico Mirolla of the heavyweight theme from the record, “Liminal Rite explores how the past can both hurt and seduce, leading us down a path of self-destruction. It’s an anecdotal tale from a fictional man’s perspective late in life about how perception and reality don’t always merge. Her experience tells a larger message about how our minds often create a false vision of the past. Sean’s narration is him expressing the perception and remembrance of the man’s life. The failure of his memory, the nature of the dementia, and its impact on his experience are all summarized in the narrative sections.

Relais Mirolla of “glass ghosts“: “Lost Man’s addiction to control fails him. He walks up the stairs, out of the house, and finds himself where his father knelt so many years ago. Guilt masked by anger grabs him by the chest and he curses the earth beneath him. His brother’s death rises to the surface of his mind like a cloud of locusts sweeping over a field, tearing and tearing until the hunger is sated. He grabs a stone and sees the ghostly effigy of his father’s hand doing the same. Images of the tragedy that claimed his brother flood The Lost Man, and he remembers his father’s fury as the truth was uncovered. But what was this grave error that manifested itself through his own actions? The memory is too deep in the ground, buried under broken glass and isolation. But this time it will be different. This time, he will not be discarded. He is at home and he would rather die than suffer the loss of his past a second time.

With the drums recorded in Lang’s home studio, KARDASHEV returned to Endless Gate Audio in Arizona to record guitar, bass and vocals. They then reunited at The Sound Lair in Tennessee – the first time the band had been together in the same room – to work with producer/mixer Miah Lajeunesse. The album was mastered by Ryan Williams. The group also brought Bohren & Der Gore ClubChristoph Clöser’s saxophonist – who was a ticked life goal for Mirolla – to add extra flavor to the more epic and haunting “Beyond The Passage Of Embers”, and Christopher Blaney added some piano parts alongside Rieth’s. . The members also pushed into new territory: Garrett recorded his own vocal harmonies rather than relying on a vocoder as on previous releases, Rieth recorded some piano parts, and Lang wrote and recorded the story of spoken word that haunts the record. The album is concealed in Faith Veloro’s cover.

Forged in 2012, KARDASHEVThe mission statement of could be described as follows: “Attempt to create the most beautiful heavy music through the themes of love, loss and selflessness in the metal spectrum.” The band dropped their debut album adventure in 2015 and has since focused on abridged concept recordings, most recently the 2021 Hustle The discovery of shadows. Rarely approaching the creation of a record with preconceived ideas or plans as to what form it will take, they work until what they usually envision manifests.


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