Kettle to Wake debuts, plus more music news and gossip


LIVE AFTER MIDNIGHT: New metal band from Athens Kettle to wake up to entered the local heavy metal fray with their new self-titled EP. More than skillfully performed and with a clear songwriting aesthetic, the band deftly blend late 1980s guitar athleticism with a 21st century stoner/doom feeling. Almost all the evidence I need to support this view is the instrumental section that runs from 1:13 to 2:06 of “An Angry Sea”. I swear it’s easy to imagine Glenn Tipton and KK Downing of Judas Priest hearing this and beaming with pride. The band then plays locally at shadebeast-show presented at the Flicker Theater & Bar on Saturday May 7th. Also playing tonight is the band from Shreveport, LA Whether and the other inhabitants Parathion. Find the new EP now on as well as all major streaming services. For more information, please visit

ILLUMINATE THE CORNERS: It’s barely been a year since any new music has arrived from an electronic artist Imogen Massacrebut a new EP named At Summit’s Ridge: First Movement just got out. Slaughter, who has also released music as Christee Henry, notes that this work is “the first movement of At the summit ridge, a noise opera about institutionalization and incarceration. Perhaps because of its subject matter, at least on some level, this work is more self-aware and inward-looking than Slaughter’s earlier releases. These sparse selections are small but not necessarily claustrophobic. It feels like this is less of a casual encounter and more of a conscious attempt at an auditory map of neural pathways. Check it out at

WORDS OF FINE MALT: Athens rapper Tyler Davis (stylized as Tyl3r Davis) is releasing a new collaborative album with Lo$t Boy Dior from Athens, and the thing is called Leprechaun in the hood. It is, to my knowledge, the only album ever inspired by the Elf film series. Production-wise, it’s as well done as anything in this particular slice of self-tuning post-trap hip hop. The thing is, after the first few bars of the first verse of the first song (“Pot of Gold”), it takes forever to find a hook, and even after several listens, I’m not sure found others. A lot of effort has gone into it visually and thematically. I mean, check the titles – “Made My Own Luck”, “Celtics” – and add them to the Elf imagery, and you have the only Irish-oriented hip hop to ever come out of Athens. Although identity here is clear, it is not a substitute for personality and, as they say, personality goes a long way. Here’s a step towards more engaging work in the future. As always, your mileage may vary and you can find it on all major streaming services. For more information, please visit

COSMIC TONES: The unstoppable moment space brother delivered the new album Ufology just three months after his release in January Galaxies. This new catalog entry, however, is less album-oriented and more rhythm-strip focused. The realm of the cerebral has never been far from Space Brother’s touch, and here it seizes it again. Particular highlights here are “Before Dawn”, “Aliens”, and “Scared To Death”. There are other depths to plumb here beyond these three, but these are the ones that caught my attention the most. Check it out at and find out more info at

EACH WEAPON MAKES ITS OWN MUSIC: Pre-orders are now open for the next release of seven titles A place called nowhere by Athens Group fast channel. You can listen to four songs now, however, before depositing your dollars. Now, the band’s self-proclaimed mix of “thrash metal, punk rock and grunge” doesn’t always pan out as expected. But, damn it, there’s a demo reel quality to it that’s just infectious to me and proof of a band finding their space. That said, the opening track “Scream Catcher” rocks straight ahead, as does “Quicksand.” The Spanish-Western flavor that blankets “Daybreak of the Serpent” is nicely fleshed out with arpeggiated guitars and even Morricone-style whistles. The full digital EP is $7 and is slated for release on June 3. Preview tracks at and check for more information.


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