Limp Bizkit Fan Smashes RATM Cover, Sits On ‘Dad Vibes’ Throne


After a rousing cover of Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing in the Name,” Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst let his duet partner take a seat in the comfy “Dad Vibes” chair. Like Durst’s silver wig, the La-Z Boy recliner was a big part of Bizkit’s “Still Sucks” tour over the summer.

Durst opened each show while sitting in the recliner, then played with an old-looking TV remote, then lay back to the song “Dad Vibes.” Another nod to domestic life is the enormous leave it to the beaver-ish inflatable doll. The 25ft 1950s housewife is on stage vacuuming with a Marlboro in her mouth and one in her hand.

At Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Bizkit released one of his favorite covers right after releasing “Re-Arranged.” After announcing “Karaoke-eee”, Durst did a few bars of Rage’s “Killing In The Name” and picked a lanky fan from the crowd to join him on stage. The upside-down red beanie wearing crotch-grabbing youth flowed deftly with Durst, exchanging verses and sharing the chorus. See the full performance below. He’s pretty good.

After the song ended, Durst held up the golden chained fan’s arms and the two shared a hug. Then inviting “The Loco” to hang out backstage, Durst changes his mind and says, pointing to the La-Z-Boy, “It’s your seat here. Relax. Relax. He’s my man. right there he was going hard as shit.” Durst then offered him a variety of drinks and guitarist Wes Borland came over and pushed the recline lever so the dude could relax.

Limp Bizkit kinda releases “Killing in the Name of”. They’ve played it 146 times since 2013. RATM is probably less driven by the tribute. You might remember Tim Commerford’s protest at the MTV VMAs back in the day. He called Limp Bizkit “one of the dumbest bands in music history”.

Limp Bizkit Fan Can Sit In ‘Dad Vibes’ La-Z-Boy After Smashing Rage Cover

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