Lingua Ignota sings the slowest Black Sabbath cover ever


Over the weekend, thousands of metal fans flocked to Tilburg, the Netherlands to attend the 2022 edition of the beloved and specialist heavy music event, Roadburn. But even at a festival whose slogan is “redefining heavy metal” and which featured jaw-dropping sets, they couldn’t resist paying their dues to the original kings of heavy metal: Black Sabbath.

For the final set of the weekend, a secret set specially commissioned by Thou saw fans pile into the Next Stage to soak up some of Black Sabbath’s dirtiest renditions this side of the Mississippi.

kick off with wheels of confusionthe set also included the likes of soft sheet, In the void and supernaut.

The crowning glory of it all came when they were joined by Kristin Hayter, the mastermind behind Lingua Ignota, who hopped on stage to sing along to the world’s scuzziest rendition of Black Sabbath.

Despite her protests that she “doesn’t know the song”, Hayter does a remarkably magnificent job of imbuing the song with the requisite levels of doom. It also doesn’t hurt that Thou’s accompaniment sounds like an end of the universe soundtrack. In short, it’s all a doomed metal fan could ever hope to hear.

Both groups had already played sets throughout the weekend. You’ve made a number of “secret show” appearances, including a collaborative set with black metal artist Mizmor. Lingua Ignota performed on the festival’s main stage, debuting songs from their new album sinner get ready live.

Lingua Ignota are due to return to the UK later this year as part of a European tour. For the full list of dates, visit their website.


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