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It may be 2022, but the music area artists composed in 2021 is worth the listening time.

Contribution / John Sievers

2021 may be over, but it has left us with plenty of local music to enjoy.

This past year, the Rochester-area music scene has created albums and EPs that include everything from country to classical and hip-hop to post-punk. Some local music leaders sang the blues, while others, like Lucas Horvath on his new album “The Something, Something of Someone, Someone” sang in Japanese.

The region’s hip-hop scene has hit hard with new projects from established local artists like No Trace and its catchy EP “The Final Master”. King Lunde’s “The Art of Relativity” album begins with an intro that claims it cannot be “conventionally explained or measured,” which might also hold true for the rest of the hip-hop scene in London. the region.

On the Rochester country front, Luke Hendrickson has been on tour across the country in support of his recently released album “A Place to Call Our Own”.

“I was able to extend my reach even further with this album,” he said. He played in 19 different states in 2021, but said Lindsay Ell’s opening in Rochester was one of the highlights of his year.

A long-time fixture on the Rochester music scene, Jeremy Jewell released his first solo project this year. Entitled “Jeremy Jewell Loves You”, the record holds the promise that its long history as a live artist in the region had already made.

One of the first local releases in 2021 was Annie Mack’s five-track EP “Testify”. He garnered positive support early on from music writers like Chris Riemenschneider of the Star Tribune, who said he “confirms Mack’s status as Minnesota heir to the Mavis Staples throne.”

“Testify” also garnered support with airtime on radio stations like The Current. “I got a lot of support from local radio,” Mack said.

Zach Zurn’s Carpet Booth Studios were responsible for capturing many of the region’s best-received local records, such as the memorable Clay Fulton & The Lost Forty album “When Trouble Comes” and the hard-hitting punk release of Local Sports ” Birdwatching “.

In addition to working on projects for local artists, Zurn’s studio also worked on the EP “Gravy Train Down Memory Lane” for internationally acclaimed rap artist Yung Gravy, born and raised in Rochester and a graduate of the Mayo High School. You might recognize the irreverent icon from his October appearance in a commercial with Martha Stewart where he ends up being poured out of his gravy boat.

The release of “Relativity” by Fires of Denmark also saved time on The Current.

“Relativity” took Fires of Denmark to a performance at the legendary 7th Street Entry. If vinyl is your thing, you could go to a local store to find a copy of this sometimes ethereal, synth-filled record.

Hannah Lou Woods is a transplant in Rochester and the local half of the We Saw Lions duo. We Saw Lions released their second EP “Flesh & Bone” last May on High Vibe Records. The project combines the writing of thoughtful songs with dancing rhythms.

There have been over 35 new albums or EPs from the Rochester area music scene released in 2021, and there is something to appeal to just about anyone. If you haven’t made one, or you’ve already broken one, your New Years 2022 resolution should be to check out all the local music from the past year.

The 2021 Rochester Record Roundup list includes albums and EPs released to the Rochester-area music scene last year.

Artist: Cole allen
PE: The other side
Kind: Acoustic rock
To free: November 12, 2021
In line:


Artist: Clay Fulton and the Lost Forty
Album: When the problem happens
Kind: Folk rock
To free: April 7, 2021
In line:

Clay Fulton and the Lost Forty | Spotify – Listen for free

Artist: Comatose
Album: A way back
Kind: Hard rock / metal
To free: January 22, 2021
In line:

Spotify – A Way Back

Artist: Cooking with honey
Album: Put it all together
Kind: Acoustic folk
To free: January 21, 2021
In line:

Youtube music

Artist: Daboflai
PE: Much darker this time … 2
Kind: Hip-hop / rap
To free: April 30, 2021
In line:

Spotify – Much darker this time .. 2

Artist: Pat Egan
Album: Milwaukee Road
Kind: Americana / folk
To free: March 15, 2021
In line:


Artist: Tim emmons
Album: Guns and coffee
Kind: Midwestern countries
To free: November 8, 2021
In line:

Guns and coffee | Tim Emmons (bandcamp.com)

Artist: The fires in Denmark
Album: Relativity
Kind: Dream pop / indie rock
To free: November 11, 2021
In line:

The fires of Denmark is Mike Terrill

Artist: Glow Mechanics
Album: Butcher block
Kind: Hip hop
To free: 23 December 2021
In line:

Butcher’s block | Glow Mechanics (bandcamp.com)

Artist: glowing tide
PE: glowing tide
Kind: Shoegaze
To free: August 13, 2021
In line:

Spotify – the red tide

Artist: Amanda Grace
Album: Please dear sun
Kind: Roots / blues
To free: July 9, 2021
In line:

Please Dear Sun – Amanda Grace (musicbyamandagrace.com)

Artist: Luke hendrickson
Album: A place that belongs to us
Kind: Country
To free: October 29, 2021
In line:

Spotify – A place that belongs to us

Artist: Lucas horvath
Album: The something, something from someone, someone
Kind: Rock / pop / indie
To free: December 14, 2021
In line:

Spotify – The Something, Something of Someone, Someone

Artist: Horse tornado
PE: The big break
Kind: Indie folk
To free: March 19, 2021
In line:

Spotify – Tornado on Horseback

Artist: Jaggedease
PE: Live from the autumn field
Kind: Alternative folk
To free: July 4, 2021
In line:

Live from Autumn Field – EP by Jaggedease on Apple Music

Artist: Janice Jurgenson
Album: Composition recital at the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd
Kind: Classic
To free: September 12, 2021
In line:

Colors – Piano and clarinet duo composed by Janice Jurgenson – YouTube

Artist: Jealous brother
Album: Back in session
Kind: Americana / cowpunk
To free: May 4, 2021
Album: Take me
To free: December 9, 2021

In line:


Artist: Jeremy Jewell
Album: Jeremy Jewell loves you
Kind: Folk rock
To free: October 1, 2021
In line:

Home | Jeremy Jewell

Artist: King Lunde
Album: The art of relativity
Kind: Hip-hop / rap
To free: July 27, 2021
In line:

The Prologue: Welcome To Wonderland (Prod: výrin) in The Art Of Relativity (soundcloud.com)

Artist: Raven Landers
PE: Raven Landers
Kind: Indie rock
To free: June 9, 2021
In line:

Spotify – Raven Landers

Artist: Local sports
PE: Bird watching
Kind: Punk
To free: August 6, 2021
In line:

Local sports (bandcamp.com)

Artist: Annie mack

PE: Bear witness
Kind: Folk rock / blues
To free: January 29, 2021
In line:

Testify | Annie Mack (bandcamp.com)

Artist: Chris Millner
PE: Now we are here
Kind: Jazz rock
To free: November 2021
In line:

Play Chris Millner’s Music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud

Artist: Wyatt moran
PE: Restart
Kind: Indie folk
To free: February 19, 2021
In line:

Spotify – Start Over

Artist: Nocturnal dangers
PE: My colossal truth
Kind: Indie rock
To free: December 10, 2021
In line:

my colossal truth | Night-time dangers (bandcamp.com)

Artist: No trace
PE: The final master
Kind: Hip-hop / rap
To free: May 28, 2021
In line:

Spotify – The Final Master

Artist: Now what
PE: To imagine
Kind: Jazz / fusion
To free: March 17, 2021
In line:

Spotify – Imagine

Artist: Alex Ortberg and various guest artists
Album: A Merry Christmas Lo-Fi
Kind: Lo-fi
To free: December 16, 2021
In line:

Stream Alexander | Listen to A Merry Lo-Fi Christmas – A Collaborative Lo-Fi Christmas Album playlist online for free on SoundCloud

Artist: Quake Jones
Album: Good vibes and junk food
Kind: Hip-hop / rap
To free: June 18, 2021
In line:

Spotify – Good vibes and junk food

Artist: Record summer
Album: Lay it bare
Kind: New-wave / post-punk
To free: March 5, 2021
In line:

Spotify – Lay it bare

Artist: Blake shepperd
PE: No heaven in hell
Kind: Hip-hop / rap
To free: 23 Aug 2021
In line:

Stream Blake Shepperd | Listen to the NO HAVENS IN HELL EP playlist online for free on SoundCloud

Artist: State House
PE: Amended
Kind: Indie rock
To free: June 4, 2021
In line:

Statehouse (bandcamp.com)

Artist: VILD
PE: Below average
Kind: Indie pop
To free: January 22, 2021
In line:

Spotify – Below Average

Artist: We saw lions
PE: Of flesh and bones
Kind: Indie-electro-pop
To free: May 18, 2021
In line:

Spotify – Flesh and Bone

Artist: Xanacova
Album: Send help
Kind: Rap / hip-hop
To free: August 27, 2021
In line:

Send Help by Xanacova on Apple Music

Artist: Yung Sauce
PE: Sauce Train Down Memory Lane
Kind: Rap
To free: April 23, 2021
In line:

Gravy Train Down Memory Lane: Side a – EP by Yung Gravy on Apple Music

Artist: Bobby v
Album: Non-directional compliance
Kind: oscillate
To free: June 27, 2021
In line:

Lord I Belong To You – Bobby Pegram – YouTube

Artist: Chaplain
PE: No heaven in hell
Kind: Hip hop
To free: 25 November 2021
In line:

Stream Sky Pilot | Listen to the SelfMade EP playlist online for free on SoundCloud


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