Marty Friedman conducts heavy metal cover of David Bowie Classic


Guitar virtuoso and former Megadeth member Marty Friedman contributed a heavy metal version of David Bowie’s classic “Station to Station” in honor of the late artist’s birthday this month.

It’s the online metal talk show Two minutes ’til late at nightthe last heavy cover song from . The podcast frequently attracts rock and metal collaborators. This time, Friedman joins 2M2LN will host Gwarsenio Hall (Jordan Olds) with guitarist Laura Pleasants (Kylesa), bassist Chris Johnson (Deafheaven), drummer John “Charn” Rice (Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats) and keyboardist Emily Lee (Shearwater).

Watch the video at the bottom of this article.

Bowie was born on January 8. This month would have seen the influential entertainer’s 75th birthday had he not died in 2016 of liver cancer. In commemoration, 2M2LN did what they do best for the 10-minute title track from Bowie’s seminal 1976 album, From station to station.

“Next step: four guitar solos”, Two minutes ’til late at night said of their cover. “ALL ABOARD! Please enjoy our 53rd chamber cover made with the support of Patreon.”

In the past, 2M2LN delivered inventive renditions of songs originally performed by Prince, Pantera and more. Bowie’s cover was arranged by Olds, edited by Drew Kaufman and mixed by Bryan Batiste.

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Two minutes till late at night, “From Station to Station” (David Bowie cover)

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