Metallica’s ‘Masters of Puppets’ Streaming Rise POSSIBLE After ‘Stranger Things’ Feature


One of the most anticipated scenes from Season 4 of Stranger Things was Joseph Quinn’s character’s guitar solo in the Upside Down Dimension.

A brief snippet of the scene was shown on the official Season 4 trailer. Since then, fans of the Duffer Brothers Netflix hit have been eager to hear what Eddie Munson was blasting on his electric guitar.

Now that the final two episodes of Season 4 of Stranger Things have finally been released on Netflix, everyone was beyond excited to find out what song Eddie Munson was playing.

Stranger Things Features Metallica’s ‘Puppet Master’

Joseph Quinn’s character, Eddie Munson, was a new addition to the Hawkins gang on stranger things Season 4.

The eccentric leader of the Hellfire Club became a fan favorite after the first two episodes of the fourth season. However, in Duffers Brother fashion, where they eliminate fan favorites at the end of the season – and this time Quinn’s character, Eddie, literally made the cut.

But before her heroic and tragic demise, Quinn’s performance atop her upside-down trailer was one of the season’s best moments; some fans even claim it throughout the show.

Contrary to fan theories circulating on all social networks before the release of volume 2, it was not that of Kate Bush Run up that hill – it was actually Metallica’s 1986 hit Puppeteer.

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Metallica’s use of the classic on stranger things was perfectly fitting as the song is something Quinn’s character, Eddie, seemed to listen to on a daily basis.

Quinn’s guitar solo delighted rock and heavy metal fans of the show.

“Yeah, ‘Master of Puppets’ is indeed in the season finale. But my god was it used brilliantly. I was expecting this show to really use Metallica and not just a bit in the background,” the Editor Explain.

“You can’t have a piece of entertainment that’s set in the 80s and not play Metallica. They definitely did the song justice. Congratulations Metallica! I’m 100% sure ‘MoP’ is going to have a huge resurgence,” the post continued.

Much like Kate Bush’s 1985 hit, streaming activity and likely album and track sales for Puppeteer should increase in the coming days, given that the scene was one of the most anticipated of the entire season.

by Metallica Puppeteer isn’t the only rock metal song played in Season 4 of Stranger Things – hits from Journey, KISS and The Beach Boys are also featured.

Spread it stranger things Official Season 4 soundtrack on Spotify.

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