Motionless In White Releases Music Video For New Single “Masterpiece”


IMMOBILE IN WHITE will release their new album, “Marking the End of the World”June 10 through Roadrunner folders. The official Max Moore– directed the music video for the second single from the LP, “Masterpiece”seen below.

IMMOBILE IN WHITE leader Chris “Still” Cerulli commented : “‘Masterpiece’ is a song that I believe embodies the raw, brutally honest nature of what makes IMMOBILE IN WHITE. It took me many years to fully recognize that these are the types of songs that are truly the cornerstone of the relationship between the band and our fans. There is something truly powerful and magical about being able to write a song that not only expresses your own deepest emotions and feelings, but also to write something that can express the feelings of those who sometimes struggle to express theirs. It’s on another level of special. In my own experience as a listener, these types of songs have always offered comfort in the midst of pain, and ‘Masterpiece’ is my way of sending that energy back out into the universe for others to potentially find and take with them. We all experience something dark in our head every day, so why not get through it together?”

“Masterpiece” is based on disturbing clean guitars like Chris delivers a heartbreaking chorus asking, “So how can I apologize and bring tears to your eyes?” In the visual, the band deliver a performance in an abandoned house, sifting through abandoned memories of a past life before a final fire burns everything down.

Last month, the quintet from Scranton, Pennsylvania shared the first single “Cyberhex”as well as an official clip made by the band’s guitarist Ricky Olson and Logan Beaver.

In an interview with Rock 100.5 The KATTit is Cameron Buchholtz, Chris said about “Cyberhex”: “We were trying to decide what the first song was, and it was interesting that everyone in the band felt the same way. Normally when you work with labels, they want to release the song that sounds like the great radio song or the more digestible track, whatever, and we never really wanted to do that. And even though there were times when we were, unfortunately, kind of forced to do it, this time I feel like we’re in a place in our career where we’re just, like, ‘No. We’re going to go ahead and do whatever we want.’ And we had a good record of what we want versus what other people push us to want to do, and this song is definitely on the beat to really help the album and the whole rollout. So that’s really cool.

“The next track we release will definitely sound more like ‘Another life’ and ‘Voice’-type track,” he continued, apparently referring “Masterpiece”. “I can understand why a label would want that, because if you look at our… Just go to Spotify – I want to say, ‘Another life’ and ‘Voice’‘Another life’ has double the number of plays as the next highest song, which is ‘Voice’then the next highest song is ‘Brand New Numb’. So very obviously people can say they want the heavy tracks and we’re going to deliver them, but the songs like ‘Another life’ are really, at this point I guess you would say our bread and butter, because that’s what people want. So for us, it’s, like, let’s start off really hot and really heavy and then we’ll go to the more, like, here’s the sing-along track that hits you hard and… We’ll take a little break from the heavy. And we will circulate the return. This is what we do.”

When “Cyberhex” was first published, Ceruli mentioned: ““Cyberhex” is my love letter to you, our fans, for all you have done for me during some of the most mentally taxing years I have had to go through. At times when I felt like my world was coming to an end, as well as the world around us, I always had in mind that I was able to turn to the special relationship we created together to get some help, and I can’t thank you enough for that. . Outside of my own personal experiences, it has been equally gratifying for me to see that in the face of tireless forces that continue to try to perpetuate the hatred and negativity towards so many of us co-existing on this planet, we have all united to resist and fight back knowing that love and compassion will always prevail. We ARE the resistance. We ARE Cyberhex. I like You. Thank you.”

“Marking the End of the World” fully encompasses the scope of IMMOBILE IN WHITEthe dynamic, deep and dark vision of , and marks the group’s first feature film in three years since 2019 “Disguise”. The latter quietly had a major impact on rock music and culture. The only “Another life” stands out as their most-streamed song of all time with over 23 million Youtube views on the music video. The record claimed a spot on Wiredof the “50 Best Metal Albums of 2019”, and it sparked the creative renaissance that paved the way for the declaration “Marking the End of the World”.

Last month, IMMOBILE IN WHITE kicked off a massive three-headliner North American tour. nicknamed the “Trinity of Terror” tour, the race features the unholy triumvirate of IMMOBILE IN WHITE, BLACK VEIL BRIDES and ICE NINE KILLED and this is the first time fans can see all three bands on the same stage each night. The coast-to-coast outing, which sees the three bands alternate closing sets each night, launched March 17 in Mesa, Arizona and makes stops in Los Angeles, Chicago, Salt Lake City, Philadelphia , etc., before concluding with a performance at Chartway Arena in Norfolk on April 27.

Last year, IMMOBILE IN WHITE unleashed the standalone single “Time bomb”. It raised 5.7 million Spotify streams and 1.6 million Youtube views on the music video. Critically acclaimed, Wired hailed it as “dark but uplifting – and heavy”, and Kerrang! urged, “prepare your neck.”

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