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Ariel Camacho and Los Plebes del Rancho, Fiesta In El Cielo, Vol. 1 (JG Music)

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When asked about their biggest source of inspiration, most of the new generation of regional Mexican artists would say it was Ariel Camacho, who catapulted sierreño music to the top of the charts before his death. Today, on what would have been his 30th birthday, his JG Music label unveiled five new tracks that Camacho recorded live and have never been released before. The tribute and celebratory EP feeds on Camacho’s ability to fuse traditional banda horns with the stinging sierreño guitars he was known for. —GRISELDA FLORES

Mike Bahía & Carin Leon, “La Falta” (Warner Music Mexico)

Mike Bahía rocked Carin Leon for her single “La Falta,” a pop-urban track infused with Música Mexicana that was written by Keityn. Marking their first collaborative effort, the track sends a powerful message about peace, coexistence and love. “Days have passed without speaking / I hope it doesn’t turn into months because / I miss seeing you here and it kills me,” goes part of the lyrics. Additionally, a music video shot in Mexico delivers an equally powerful message, highlighting the violence that often occurs between sports fans in soccer stadiums and the painful consequences for loved ones. —JESSICA ROIZ

Yuridia & Edén Muñoz, “Me Hace Tanto Bien” (Sony Music Mexico)

After collaborating on “Y Tú, ¿Qué Ganas? earlier this year, which was produced by Edén Muñoz, Yuridia and Muñoz join forces again – this time on “Me Hace Tanto Bien”, featuring both artists on vocals. The heartwarming and romantic ranchera ballad, fueled by a mariachi, is another preview of his upcoming regional Mexican album. “I was able to reconnect with the music I grew up with. I wanted to do it my way because I have respect for this type of music,” Yuridia previously said of recording in the genre. —GF

Danny Ocean, “Volare” (Atlantic Recording Corp)

A trip to Italy inspired Danny Ocean’s new single “Volare” after being captivated by the classic sounds that automatically transport listeners to Positano. A perfect blend of fiddles and modern melodies complement ukulele chords and soft, punchy rhythms, bringing to life a story surrounding long-distance relationships. “I’ll fly with you, I’ll dance with you, I’ll kiss with you, being your boyfriend or your friends,” he sings in the chorus. — INGRID FAJARDO

Piso 21 & Manuel Turizo, “Los Cachos” (Warner Music Mexico)

Following their 2018 banger “Dejala Que Vuelva”, Piso 21 and Manuel Turizo join forces once again for “Los Cachos”, interweaving acoustic guitar riffs with their signature pop-urban fusions. Unlike “Dejala,” which is about a guy who’s convinced his ex will come back, “Los Cachos” — which loosely translates to “cheating” — is about a girl who officially broke up with her cheating boyfriend, with no intention of killing him. take back. We call it the perfect suite. “She don’t forget he cheated on her when he was drunk, he didn’t think about his loss for trying to be a macho / Now he’s looking for her, he’s begging for her, but she’s beyond above him”, continues the contagious Refrain. Turizo’s deep voice then adds, “She’s happy now and doesn’t cry / She goes out at night and comes home by day.” —JR

Cuco, “Aura” (Walking the Trail/Interscope Records)

Mexican-American singer-songwriter Cuco delivers dreamy new “Aura” ahead of his upcoming sophomore album, Fantasy gateway. The groovy song – where Cuco flaunts his bilingual chops, singing some verses in English and others in Spanish – finds the artist in search of a lover. Lose yourself and let go this weekend listening to “Aura”. —GF

Darrell & Sech, “Dame Break” (Sony Music Latin)

Darell and Sech are teaming up once again for a new single, titled “Dame Break,” following their 2019 hit “Otro Trago.” Powered by a slow reggaeon beat and their signature vocals, the song’s lyrics tell the story of a man who tells his jealous girlfriend that he only has eyes for her. The song was co-written by the two artists and produced by Lil Geniuz, EElías de León, Manuel Limery and Dímelo Flow. – IF

Feid, “Normal” (Universal Music Latino)

Feid has blessed fans with back-to-back new singles, and this time he’s bringing “Normal” to the table. A hard-hitting reggaeton banger, “Normal” tells the story of a man who, apparently, has either been friend-zoned or dumped, but can’t seem to get over the girl. “I wanted to erase you but I dream of you / I want you to understand what you did to me / I gave you 100 and you gave me 50 / I sleep with you and then you go to bed with someone else”, he throws off the track. “Normal,” which was finally released six months after Feid first teased it on social media, follows his singles “Castigo” and “Ferxxo 100.” On the day of its release, the music video entered YouTube’s Top 10 Trending. —JR

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