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Total Cult: noise therapy at Vultures on Saturday.

Nicholas Santa Maria has been playing raw, fun, punk-infused garage rock in Colorado Springs and Denver for two decades now and after a short time without playing music, he will debut his new musical calculus. total worship Saturday, August 27 at vultures.

The old groups of Santa Maria — Nicotine is suitable, real diamonds, Conjugal visits and Poison Rites – were all energetic and fun rock ‘n’ roll. But when his last band disbanded in 2017, he was left without music and descended into depression.

“The last band I was in was Poison Rites in Denver. We toured quite a bit across the country, released an album, and played with some of my favorite bands like Guitar Wolf, The Dead Boys, and Protex,” says he. “After we broke up, I was really depressed and I thought that was the end of it. Since then, battling depression and addiction has been an uphill battle. Total Cult is what pulled me through and let me know I can do this. I’m definitely grateful to be back.

Total Cult is a return to basics. The set consists of some of his former bandmates Nicotine Fits / Conjugal Visits Bryan “Webby” Webb and Sean Vigilwith the addition of the guitarist Evan Courtland other local firecrackers same guy and void of the bugle.

“I’ve been playing with Sean and Webby for almost 20 years,” says Santa Maria. “It’s amazing to be back with some of my best friends playing music again. We were a little shaky at first, but I think when we all got back to being comfortable the songs took over. started to form a bit naturally.

While playing with familiar people is great, it’s always nice to have someone new in the mix as well. “Having Evan in the band reigns supreme. He gets it, he’s a sick guitar player and he feels like a natural fit. After the first practice, we all decided that was our way to go.

Total Cult plays aggressive punk with catchy, fast garage rock. The subject matter is dark and real and served as a type of therapy. Themes range from addiction recovery to suicide survival to ketamine dreams and death, he says. “One of our songs, ‘The Staircase’, is about dying and falling into limbo – where I walk down a flight of stairs for eternity. Pretty scary, but sometimes it feels too real. Death isn’t a issue.”

Be sure to witness Total Cult’s debut with local punks sponge cake and blood salt Saturday.

And there are more things happening around town to check out. studios of the sun has a big weekend ahead of him with the Kansas City rapper extraordinaire N9ne Technology and Snow Tha Product show on Friday evening. From Saturday afternoon, Sunshine will host the Jamrock Reggae Festival with Shaneil Muir, Ding Dong, Spragga-Benz, Danae Simone, wayne wonder, General B and much more. On Sunday, during the day, direction Triple Nickel for the Punk/metal flea market, where there will be crafts, patches, art, records and more! You can end your Sunday with metal at The black sheep with butcher babies and Untreated.

Alright, I’ve given you the tools for a fun weekend filled with live music. Use them as you see fit and I’ll see you next week for more!


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