Pearl Jam pays homage to EVH with live cover of Mike McCready’s “Eruption”


Pearl Jam watched fallen rock icons Eddie Van Halen and Taylor Hawkins at their May 9 show in Glendale, Arizona. During their set, Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready paid tribute to EVH with a cover of Van Halen’s signature guitar instrument “Eruption,” as reported by Guitar World.

Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder offered the salute adding his thoughts on the impact of the late Foo Fighters drummer Hawkins after his death in March.

See a fan-captured video of Pearl Jam’s performance at the bottom of this article.

“We were talking about our friend Taylor Hawkins the other night,” Vedder said ahead of McCready’s performance of “Eruption,” the footage shows. “I see Foo Fighters shirts there. [Hawkins’ death] touched the entire music community.”

The singer continued, “I’ve only gotten to know him up close in the past few years; I’m so grateful to have had this time. [Pearl Jam drummer] Matt Cameron was closest to Taylor and they worked together a lot.”

Shifting gears, Vedder noted that Pearl Jam hadn’t done a full tour since Van Halen’s death in 2020, saying the late guitarist was “another legend we missed. So we wanted to play one for him. “

Cameron, who performed with Hawkins in Nighttime Boogie Association, recently missed Pearl Jam shows for the first time due to COVID-19. The band made do with a series of back-up drummers, including Josh Klinghoffer, Pearl Jam’s current touring guitarist who was once a Red Hot Chili Pepper.

Vedder himself had previously tested positive for the virus. Pearl Jam is currently touring North America as part of a trek planned for 2020 before the pandemic delayed the deal. The trip promotes the band’s final album, that year gigaton. Get tickets here.

After McCready performed “Eruption” at Gila River Arena in Glendale, Pearl Jam did a fiery version of their 1998 Yield single “Do the Evolution”.

Pearl Jam, “Eruption” (Van Halen cover) / “Do the Evolution” (Live – May 9, 2022)

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