Rammstein + More Members Cover The Beatles For Charity


Members of Rammstein, Faith No More, Stabbing Westward and more have come together for a cover of The Beatles’ “Come Together” to raise money for charity. The project is in the name of the war in Ukraine, and all proceeds from the song will be donated to UNICEF.

The song, which is titled “Come Together (We Will Stop You)”, was released via COP International Records, and they call the supergroup behind the track Lifeline International. Richard Kruspe of Rammstein, Bill Gould of Faith No More, Christopher Hall and Walter Flakus of Stabbing Westward, Chris Connelly, Ukrainian band The Hardkiss and producer John Fryer are among the many collaborators who worked on the song.

COP International Records founder Christian Petke said in a press release: “This song is a simple and direct message to the millions of people who are suffering right now in Ukraine and beyond. You are not alone. We welcome you. let’s see.”

“The success of songs like ‘We Are the World’ and ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’ directly spawned the Live Aid concerts, which raised millions of dollars for those in desperate need,” he said. he continued. “So while we’re obviously excited about this new song’s immediate ability to raise awareness and raise money, we’d like to think that ‘Come Together’ is just the first step in a long series. simply supporting a song can help spread a message of hope and compassion around the world.

Listen to the song below and purchase the three-track single through Bandcamp.

UNICEF works to help Ukrainian children and families who are at risk and who have fled their homes due to the ongoing war. Benefits go to health, education, protection, water, sanitation and supply. You can also donate directly to UNICEF with this link.

Rammstein members have helped Ukraine in many different ways. Recently, leader Till Lindemann was confirmed to have helped a Ukrainian refugee named Alisa Komm whom he met at a train station in Berlin, Germany. He put her up in a nice hotel and gave her pocket money, because she had no place to stay.

Lifeline International – ‘Rally Together (We’ll Arrest You)’

Rock + metal bands help provide support for Ukraine

Amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that began in February 2022, several rock and metal bands have found ways to offer tangible support to affected Ukrainians. See below.


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