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Gabriel Rhodes will present the Rhodes Summit Review on Thursday, December 30 at the Main Stage Bar and Dance Club in Cottonwood. Doors open at 5 p.m. and the show begins at 6 p.m. Coverage is $ 5.

The Eighth Summit will be an evening of entertainment with some of Arizona’s finest musicians, all honoring and remembering guitarist, singer, songwriter and Arizona Blues Hall of Fame inductee, the late Danny Rhodes . [Jan. 30, 1950-May 23, 2008].

This year’s summit features three standout bands from Arizona: Toucan Eddy, who will play from 6 pm to 8 pm; Big Daddy D & The Dynamites, which will play from 8:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. and Well Dressed Wolves, who will play from 11 p.m. until the close.

Food will be provided.

During the Rhodes Summit, there has been an ongoing tradition: a group photo with all customers in attendance wearing the official Rhodes Summit t-shirt, available for purchase during the event. Get yourself a shirt and be a part of the history and history of the Danny Rhodes Summit.

Danny rhodes

Rhodes became a fixture on the local northern Arizona music scene from 1996-2007, while touring the United States and taking his music to every corner of the country. He is remembered for his energetic concerts, virtuoso guitar playing, soulful voice and unique writing style, drawing inspiration from blues, funk, New Orleans jazz and rock music from the years 1960.

He has performed in all 50 states, as well as Canada, Japan and Europe. He has also performed on Austin City Limits, the Grand Ole Opry, HBO, and the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. In the late 1970s, Rhodes spent two years in Austin, Texas, and shared the bills with Stevie Ray Vaughn and the Neville Brothers.

Later in Nashville, Tenn., He performed with Dicky Betts, Brenda Lee, Mel McDaniel, Eddie Rabbitt, Charlie Rich, Gregg Allman, Rodney Crowell, Gatemouth Brown and Dash Crofts. He was a writer for Warner / Chappell, the publishing house of Warner Bros.

He wrote songs for several artists, including Etta James. Rhodes ‘song, “Get Funky”, was the first single from her album “Stickin’ to My Guns” released on Island Records.

In 1996, he moved to Arizona and trained Danny Rhodes and the Messengers. The group won the Arizona Battle of the Bands in 1999, then opened for the Neville Brothers, Radiators, Tab Benoit and Sonny Landreth, and released two albums, “Home Cookin ‘” in 1997 and “Welcome To The Night “in 2002 In 2006, he released his first and only solo album,” Cairo at Cottonwood “.

For several years Rhodes hosted a blues show at the Cliff Castle Casino and performed with several of Arizona’s biggest names in blues including Big Pete Pearson, Long John Hunter, Bob Blasi, JD Simo, Chuck Hall, Tommy Dukes, Maxine Johnson, Chico Chism, Chris Hiatt and Hans Olson. In 2006, he was inducted into the Arizona Blues Hall of Fame.

Rhodes died on May 23, 2008. Later that year his fourth and final album was released posthumously, an eponymous double album, compiled of unreleased tracks recorded from 1995 to 2007, demos and live tracks.

Toucan Eddy

The Toucan Eddy Band was formed in Flagstaff in the late 1970s, founded by singer, songwriter and guitarist Bert Campbell, lead guitarist Dale Cadell and singer, songwriter and guitarist Thomas Waterfield. Toucan Eddy

The group quickly gained a reputation for their “classy” musicality and energetic performances, classifying their music as Rhythm and Roll, a combination of rock, R&B, Latin and selected original music.

After 10 years together, the band broke up with members leaving in search of other musical endeavors, including Campbell moving to Nashville, Tenn., To pursue a career as a songwriter and Cadell forming the legendary band from Arizona, Limbs Akimbo. The three original founders would reform Toucan Eddy in the 1990s and the group is strong to this day. Waterfield has left to pursue a solo career but sits down with the band on occasion.

Currently, drummer and singer Joey Rivera Cruz is a veteran musician of the local Arizona scene as well as the music communities of California and Nashville. On saxophone and flute, David Russell is a fixture in the Prescott jazz community and has performed with various groups over the years. To top it off, bassist and singer John Sarson, known simply as “the quietest”.

Big Daddy D & The Dynamites

Big Daddy D and the Dynamites / photo courtesy of Mark Spoerner / Mojo Lens PhotographyDarryl “Big Daddy D” Porras was born in Los Angeles and moved to Prescott in 1976, living in northern Arizona until 2005, then settling and residing in Phoenix.

Picking up the guitar at 17, his first exposure to the blues was hearing Stevie Ray Vaughn. He quickly discovered artists like Three Kings, Buddy Guy and Albert King, strengthening his love and passion for the classical genre.

In 1992, he joined his first group, the Leisure Kings, a group led by Freddie Cisneros, a Texan blues guitarist and inducted into the Arizona Blues Hall of Fame, voted “Best Guitar Player Unknown” in the magazine. Guitar Player in 1989.

During his five-year tenure with the band, Cisneros would become Porras’ mentor, shaping the musician known today as Big Daddy D.

While living in Prescott, he would also become a constant presence on the local blues scene and soon perform for artists such as Chuck Hall, Hans Olson and the Hoodoo Kings.

In 1999, he formed Big Daddy D and The Dynamites. Initially picking up blues masters such as BB King, Freddy King and Buddy Guy, the band then incorporated influences from soul, swing and jazz into their sound, forming a distinct sound and feel for which they are known today. ‘hui. Over the years, the group has hosted many accomplished musicians such as mentor Freddie Cisneros, Roger Smith, Bob Sellani and Ray DeSylvester, all recognized by the Arizona Blues Hall of Fame.

Twenty years later, Big Daddy D & The Dynamites are still performing, performing across Phoenix and northern Arizona.

Well-dressed wolves

Well Dressed Wolves, formerly known as The Mods, are a Phoenix-based rock trio. The group is made up of guitarist Travis Eaton, bassist Louis Occhiline and Danny Rhodes’ son, drummer Gabriel Rhodes. The band officially formed in the summer of 2004. They quickly found a chemistry their previous bands lacked, united by influences from 1960s rock as well as 1990s alternative.

Well-dressed wolvesTravis Eaton started playing music at the age of 4. Originally inspired by country music, he was exposed to rock ‘n’ roll after hearing Creedence Clearwater Revival. He then discovered the Beatles and made the decision to engage in rock music. At the age of 10, in homage to the Beatles, he started playing in a band called the Moptops. Soon after, he would join a local rock band called Recall, where he met drummer Gabriel Rhodes.

Gabriel Rhodes is the son of Danny Rhodes and has been playing drums for over 30 years.

Gabriel Rhodes has performed, recorded and toured with over 20 different artists, all ranging from different styles such as blues, rock, New Orleans funk, and hard rock / metal to name a few. .

Rhodes would meet Eaton at a local battle of the bands in 1999. After discovering a mutual love and passion for the same bands, most notably the Beatles, they quickly became friends and band mates, performing in several bands together over the course. the next few years. In 2004, after exhausting many musical adventures, Eaton and Rhodes began playing with Louis Occhiline, Eaton’s friend.

Occhiline was born into a large family of musicians and grew up with a band made up of his four uncles. At 17, he learned about bass and became interested in the instrument. With a shortage of bassists in the local music community, he learned the basics of the instrument, which led to the formation of his band, Frequency Response, formed by Eaton and Occhiline while still in high school.

The band broke up in early 2004, but during this time Occhiline developed their musical style drawing on the bass styles of Jack Bruce from Cream, John Entwistle from The Who and Paul McCartney.

Since their formation, Well Dressed Wolves have released five EPs and continue to perform extensively across Arizona. June 2021 marked 17 years since the formation of the group. The group is currently working on a new EP and their first record.

Contact Main Stage in Cottonwood or email Gabriel Rhodes at This e-mail address is protected from spam. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

The event is also on Facebook under the name of 2021 Rhodes Summit Review: In Memory Of Danny under the Events page.


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