SANHEDRIN ‘Lost At Sea’ Music Video Premiere (February 10, 2022)


SANHEDRIN presents the music video for “Lost At Sea”
February 10, 2022

Brooklyn, New York based heavy metal band Sanhedrin filmed a music video for the track “Lost At Sea”. Directed and edited by Terrence Smith, the clip can be viewed below.

Speaking about the song, singer Erica Stoltz said: “’Lost At Sea’ is about how we are drowning in excess here in the developed world. We are moving further and further away from a seven-generation perspective of our own existence, the effect it has on the future, and how it relates to the past.

Sanhedrin releases third full studio album Lights on on March 4, 2022 via Metal Blade Records.

“A record should capture the essence and energy of the band,” said guitarist Jeremy Sosville. “There are many things a band can do to improve their sound through technology, but we try to avoid going down that slippery slope in favor of staying true to our live sound. we don’t use the tools available to improve a moment here and there in the name of dynamics.

“At a time when the world around you seems to be igniting, when our heavy metal heroes are beginning to fade due to failing health or changing social norms, we, the Sanhedrin, stand here as a light shining in the dark,” added drummer Nathan Honor. . “We are ready to fly the heavy metal flag in these difficult and uncertain times and we have only begun to show the world what we are capable of.”

Lights on was recorded, mixed and co-produced by Colin Marston at his Menegroth Studio, The Thousand Caves in Queens, New York.

The cover was again created by SeventhBell Artwork.

The list of tracks is as follows:

01. ‘Correction’
02. “Lights On”
03. “Lost at Sea”
04. “Change Takes Forever”
05. “Code Blue”
06. ‘Scythian Women’
07. “Hero’s End”
08. “Death is a Door”

The composition of the Sanhedrin is as follows:

Erica Stoltz (vocals and bass)
Jeremy Sosville (guitars)
Nathan Honor (drums)

Lights on will be available in the following vinyl colors; 180g black (EU exclusive), pale blue gray marbled (EU exclusive, limited to 300 pieces), light ocher brown marbled (EU exclusive, limited to 300 pieces), orange red brown marbled (EU exclusive, limited to 200 pieces), deep mottled purple (EU exclusive, limited to 200 pieces) and mottled light brown gray (US exclusive).

The track “Correction” can be streamed below.

Erica Stoltz commented, “The pandemic has put the unbridled excess of humanity on hold. The reference was a play on the term “correction” as it is used in economics. The comparison is between the slow roll of global virus death and other man-made instant destroyers like atomic bombs.

Second studio recording the poisoner was released in February 2019 via Cruz del Sur Music.

Promotional photograph by Suzanne Abramson.


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