See the death-metal band motivating marathon runners mid-race


For those into heavy music, exercise and death metal go together like peanut butter and jelly, and Pittsburgh band Leprosy were preaching that gospel over the weekend in a scale marathon. from the city. The local band set up camp in a tent, just off the route thousands of runners were taking on a 26-mile run, and began blasting out crushing death metal songs as vocalist PJ Colligan handed out high-fives to panting passers-by. .

Of course, the awesome fucking sight was filmed by a local reporter, resulting in a thoroughly hilarious 23 seconds of brutal metal clashing awkwardly with relatively normal, non-metal activity. Of course, the motivational performance was planned and promoted on the Leprosy website, so whether or not they got the legal permissions to do this stuff, they did it. Surprising.

Watch a clip from Leprosy’s set below.


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