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Tell your Valentine you love him by municipal waste moshing at Black Sheep.

They say life is like a box of chocolates — it’s expensive, unhealthy and yet so delicious. Love is in the air this week, and there are several things to do this Valentine’s week/weekend to get your heart pumping.

Nothing says “I love you” more than pounding out cold PBR and circling with thrash metal. This is exactly what you can do on Thursday 10 at The black sheep. They will host the Decibel magazine tourwhich features an incredible roster of 90s death metal legends obituarythe virginia party thrashers Municipal wasteand the thrash death newcomers gate creeper, Forced and The spirit world. Who needs a pasta dinner when you can butt heads with a bunch of sweaty strangers? !

The next evening, direction Triple Nickel for the metalcore masters of Colorado Springs, mouth for war. They will begin their two-week tour with a small intimate show supported by Mindz Eye and Writheinfear. So come on over and get your Valentine’s card fired!

Alright, alright, I get it. Most people prefer soft sounds and romance. If that suits you better, scroll down to Theater of Astronomers for a wonderful soul, R&B, Motown and funk evening with reminiscent soulswith Lady Shay. The following evening, Saturday February 12, Stargazers will also host Yesterday: Tribute to the Beatles. Listen to performances of your favorite Beatles anthems. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I have a feeling this “Beatles” band is going to be a big thing!

If you’d rather have your friends out of a dumpster, head to the Triple Nickel on Saturday for a folk punk show that’ll be so good you’ll change your name to “Puke Bucket”, ask your mom for cash, and jump. the next train out of town. All kidding aside, this is going to be a great show, featuring Scroll of Death from Fort Collins and Fables of the Fall from Denver. The evening will be filled with perfectly executed playing on banjos, mandolins, accordions and double bass.

If standing bass is your thing, then be sure to grease up that pompadour and drive your 1957 Ford Thunderbird to the Black Sheep the following night, Sunday the 13th, for the psychobilly psychopaths of Detroit, Koffin Kats. They bring an incredibly energetic stage performance that combines the strength of rockabilly with the fast fury of punk rock. Joining them will be Denver Reno Divorce and Pueblo The dead end.

Valentine’s Day might fall on a Monday this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go out and have some fun. Fritzy’s will host its weekly open mic, so you can go sing your heart out, or even read a poem to your Valentine. vultures will also have a free guest event DJ Pizza Partyalso known as Pete Sisson, garage rock bands Shiiii Whaaa, Conjugal visits and Nicotine shots. He’ll spin an all-vinyl set of a wide variety of tracks to set the mood. “I’ve worked on a set ranging from Megan Thee Stallion to Portishead,” he says. “More punk rock and some 80s pop nuggets. It’ll be a really fun mix with lots of love songs of course.”

“I’m excited because I’m making a mixtape for the public in real time. I’ve always loved the process of making a mixtape for someone. DJing, to me, is just that – except it’s is done live for an audience!”


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