Softcult shares Nirvana’s Been A Son cover


Canadian grunge twins Softcult shared a brilliantly hazy cover of Nirvana Been a son.

Anchored by floating vocals intertwined between layers of shoegaze-inspired sweeping guitars, Softcult’s cover is a lighter, airier take on a grunge classic that still manages to stay true to the original.

Accompanying the track, the duo delivered a sleek, grainy video that offers a throwback to the 90s lo-fi aesthetic, complete with fragmented film distortions and a moody color palette.

The directing duties, cinematography, editing and production of the video all come from the siblings themselves, Mercedes Arn-Horn and Phoenix Arn-Horn.

Nirvana been a son originally featured on grunge heroes Soufflé EP in 1989.

Earlier this year, Softcult released their latest EP year of the snake through Easy Life Records.

From the album, and how it differs from their debut, year of the ratMercedes told Rock Sound: “For me, year of the rat it was me reconnecting with my roots, the things that made me fall in love with music in the first place. This feeling of adolescence. We were so influenced by 90s artists, which we still are. But with year of the snake, I feel like we’ve found our voice even more. So this first EP was about dipping our toes in the water and seeing how it would go and what it felt like. Now we’ve found more maturity, as all artists say, and there’s a lot more personal growth there.”

While Phoenix adds, “I feel like before we were paying homage to the artists that came before us, and now we’ve found out even more about what our sound is. We can create our things rather than just things influenced by other things. kinda more like we’re doing our thing now.”

Listen to the Softcult version been a son below:


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