STEVE VON TILL & LUSTMORD team up for the cover of “Testament”


Pelagic Records recently announced a massive 9xLP/5xCD box set for Lustmordthe 2008 album Other. The features of the set Otherremix albums The Dark Places Of The Earth and Beyondand a cover album titled Others with Slave, The ocean, and much more. You can consult Steve VonTill‘s rework of the track “Testament” below from Others next to Lustmord himself.

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Others works as follows.

  1. Slave – “Aeon”
  2. Mono – “Er Eb Os”
  3. Ihsahn – “Dark Awakening”
  4. Jo Quail – “First”
  5. Bohren & Der Gore Club – “Tray”
  6. piratepicciotto – “Trinity Past”
  7. Ulver – “God Eater”
  8. Jonas Renkse – “Er Eb Os”
  9. Zola Jesus – “First”
  10. spotlights – “Aeons”
  11. The ocean – “Primal [State Of Being]”
  12. Crown – “Element”
  13. Jaye Jayle – “Er Eb Es”
  14. divine flesh – “Ash”
  15. Steve VonTill – “Will”
  16. Årabrot – “The last days [See The Light]”

Grab the full box set here (and here in the US), or just Others here on Bandcamp. For those who don’t know, the original 2008 album Other featured guest appearances from adam jones (Tool), King Buzzo (Melvins), Aaron Turner (Sumac, dark old man), and Paul Haslinger (ex-Mandarin dream).

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