SXSW Slates Film Music Docs on Sheryl Crow, Tanya Tucker, Dio, and More


Sheryl Crow, Nick Cave, King Crimson, Dio, XXXTentacion, Tanya Tucker, Chumbawamba, Courtney Barnett, Cesária Évora and Mojo Nixon — together again for the first time: here are some of the very diverse subjects of a list of musical documentaries (or, in the case of Tierra Whack, a fiction film) which will take place at the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin from March 11-20.

The 16 films represented in the “24 Beats Per Second” lineup are almost all world premieres, in a film festival that veers back to SXSW’s original roots as a pure music festival by always creating a special category for feature films that relate to musicians or musical scenes.

The music documentary coming to the festival with probably the highest level of fan anticipation is , which promises director Sabaah Folayan will deliver “a sensitive portrait” of a precocious, highly controversial, Soundcloud-based rapper “whose acts of violence, raw musical talent and open struggles with mental health left an indelible mark on his generation before his death at the age of 20. While many festival entries seek a sale from their exposure to SXSW , “Look at Me!” is already set to premiere on Hulu this summer.

Joining the artist profiles in the film lineup are New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival documentaries, “Jazz Fest: A New Orleans Story,” by co-directors Frank Marshall and Ryan Suffern, and bridge guitars. rubber, in “Really Good Rejects,” a film that will have producer Aaron Dessner talk about their use on Taylor Swift’s more folksy recent albums.

Some of the films promise to be complete chronicles of life and career, such as those devoted to Crow, Barnett and Dio. Others will document the making of a single project, like “The Return of Tanya Tucker,” which shows the making of the veteran country star’s comeback album, with Brandi Carlile heading up production and co-production. co-writing, or “This Much I Know to Be True,” which captures Cave and Warren Ellis playing songs and discussing two recent collaborative albums.

Prog rock fans will salivate at the thought of a full-length documentary on King Crimson’s 50-year career, while a film about the former Chumbawamba singer takes more of a human-interest angle on someone who hasn’t been in the limelight much lately, with the feature described as the chronicle “of a burnt-out, middle-aged ex-pop star in search of her long-lost anarchist mojo. long time”.

A bit off the beaten path as both a fictional film and a “psychological thriller” in mockumentary form, “Cypher” is a star vehicle for Tiarra Whack, which “delves into fame and the conspiracy theories surrounding the industry music”.

While not appearing in the “24 Beats Per Second” lineup, another SXSW documentary, “Still Working 9 to 5”, will be of interest to Dolly Parton fans. The country superstar not only appears in the new documentary, which is inspired by the 1980 film ‘9 to 5’ she starred in to explore women’s labor issues, but she re-recorded ‘9 to 5’ in duet with Kelly Clarkson, and licensed eight other songs from his catalog for the project. (Read Varietyreport on this film here.)

The 16 musical films are only a fraction of the 99 films screened as part of the festival. Every film selected for the lineup will have an in-person premiere in Austin, and most are scheduled for additional in-person screenings. Some will also have online screenings for remote badge holders, subject to timed viewing windows and geo-blocking restrictions.

The full lineup of musical features bowing at SXSW, with synopses and credits as they appear in the festival rollout announcement:

anonymous club (Australia)
Director/Writer: Danny Cohen, Producers: Philippa Campey, Samantha Dinning
The antithesis of a rock biography, “Anonymous Club” paints a raw and intimate portrait of the enigmatic singer-songwriter Courtney Barnett, an anti-influencer who is a powerful voice for our time, a recluse acclaimed by the public of the whole world. (International Premiere)”

Cesaria Evora
Courtesy of SXSW

Cesaria Evora (Cabo, Verde, Portugal)
Director/Screenwriter: Ana Sofia Fonseca, Producers: Ana Sofia Fonseca, Irina Calado
The voice of world-renowned performer Cesária Évora took him from poverty to stardom. With never-before-seen footage and glimpses into the singer’s life, the film follows her struggles and success. (World Premiere)

Director/Screenwriter: Chris Moukarbel, Producers: John Hodges, Tony Hernandez, Lilly Burns, Chris Moukarbel, Tierra Whack, Anthony Seyler, Sanjay Sharma, Roya Rastegar
A psychological thriller about and starring artist Tierra Whack that delves into fame and conspiracy theories surrounding the music industry. The film takes the form of a musical documentary. Cast list: Tierra Whack, Johnny Medina, Kenete Simms, Jamila Curry, Camille Fleming, Natalia Leigh Brown, Bionca Bradley, Chris Anthony, Nyla Naveah, Vanja Asher (World Premiere)

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Ronnie James Dio in “Dreamers Never Die”
Courtesy of SXSW

DIO dreamers never die
Directors: Don Argott, Demian Fenton, Producers: Don Argott, Sheena M. Joyce
The definitive documentary on the career of heavy metal legend, Ronnie James Dio. (World Premiere)

Getting it back: Cymande’s story (UK)
Director: Tim Mackenzie-Smith, Producers: Tim Mackenzie-Smith, Matt Wyllie
They are the unsung heroes whose message of peace, love and funk has sailed beyond British shores and helped shape music for five decades. Long after they stopped playing, the music continued, so they came back to play some more. (World Premiere)

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“I get knocked down”
Courtesy of SXSW

I get knocked down (UK)
Directors: Sophie Robinson, Dunstan Bruce, Screenwriter: Dunstan Bruce, Producer: Sophie Robinson
The story of former Chumbawamba leader Dunstan Bruce. An exhausted middle-aged ex-pop star in search of her long-lost anarchist mojo. (International premiere)

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King Crimson in ‘In the Court of the Crimson King’
Courtesy of SXSW Film Festival

At the Court of the Crimson King (UK)
Director: Toby Amies, Producers: Toby Amies, Nicholas Jones
What started as a traditional documentary about the legendary band King Crimson when they were 50 years old has morphed into an exploration of time, death, family and the transcendent power of music to change lives. ; but with jokes. (World Premiere)

Jazz Fest: A History of New Orleans
Directors: Frank Marshall, Ryan Suffern, Producers: Frank Marshall, Sean Stuart, Ryan Suffern
This moving and heartfelt celebration of 50 years of the funky and fabulous New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival invites you to experience the unique culture of New Orleans, featuring Jimmy Buffett, Bruce Springsteen, Katy Perry, Earth, Wind & Fire and more. others . (World Premiere)

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XXXTentacion in “Look at Me!” documentary
Courtesy of SXSW Film Festival

Look at me!
Director: Sabaah Folayan, Producer: Darcy McKinnon, Chloe Campion
“Look at me!” explores how Jahseh Onfroy harnessed raw talent, a gift for connecting with disaffected youth, and a mastery of social media to mold himself into the SoundCloud XXXTentacion rapper – one of the most streamed artists on the planet. (World Premiere)

Omoiyari: A Song Film by Kishi Bashi
Directors: Kaoru Ishibashi, Justin Taylor Smith, Producer: JJ Gerber
Violinist and songwriter Kishi Bashi embarks on a musical journey to understand WWII Japanese incarceration, assimilation, and what it means to be a minority in America today. (World Premiere)

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Aaron Dessner in the documentary “Really Good Rejects”
Courtesy of SXSW Film Festival

Very good releases
Director: Alice Gu, Producers: Alice Gu, Jose Nuñez, Robert Fyvolent, David Dinerstein
The muted tones of rubber bridge guitars have thrilled listeners everywhere, from Wilco to Taylor Swift’s “Folklore.” Modern luthier Reuben Cox demystifies his process for creating some of rock’s most sought-after guitars. (World Premiere)

Santos – skin to skin
Director: Kathryn Golden, Producers: Ashley James, Kathryn Golden
A cinematic portrayal of community activist and seven-time Grammy nominee John Santos, an “Afro-Caribbean flamekeeper.” Rich in musical performances, Santos links the rhythms of his ancestors to contemporary struggles for identity and social justice. (World Premiere)

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Sheryl Crow in the documentary “Sheryl”
Courtesy of SXSW Film Festival

Director: Amy Scott, Producers: Van Toffler, Scooter Weintraub, Brian Morrow, Jonathan Lynch
An intimate story of song and sacrifice – musically gifted superstar Sheryl Crow navigates an iconic but arduous musical career battling sexism, ageism, depression, cancer and the price of fame, before exploiting the power of his gift. (World Premiere)

The Mojo Manifesto: The Life and Times of Mojo Nixon
Director: Matt Eskey, Producers: Sal Owen, Eva Radke
On a bike trip across the country, a young Neill Kirby McMillan Jr. experiences The Mojo Revelation. After teaming up with the enigmatic Skid Roper, he unexpectedly finds mainstream success but faces a decision that could jeopardize his career. (World Premiere)

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Tanya Tucker and Brandi Carlile in the documentary “The Return of Tanya Tucker”
Courtesy of SXSW Film Festival

The return of Tanya Tucker
Director: Kathlyn Horan, Producers: Kathlyn Horan, Julie Goldman, Christopher Clements, Carolyn Hepburn
The story of pioneering country music legend Tanya Tucker’s return to the limelight after nearly 20 years. Rising star Brandi Carlile penned an album for her hero based on Tanya’s life, sparking the biggest comeback in country music history. (World Premiere)

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Nick Cave and Warren Ellis in “What I Know To Be True”
Charlie Gray / Courtesy of SXSW

what i know to be true (UK)
Director: Andrew Dominik, Producers: Amy James, Isaac Hoff
Filmed over five days at the Battersea Arts Center and on location in London and Brighton, “This Much I Know To Be True” captures the exceptional creative relationship of Nick Cave and Warren Ellis as they bring songs from the albums “Ghosteen” and “Carnage”. ” (US Premiere)


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