The interesting story behind the rock cover of the ‘Golden Girls’ theme


We’re not sure Betty White ever had a cover of the Daddy’s Girls theme she really deserved. Most “Thank You for Being a Friend” covers come with a card that says “I suck”.

Since Betty White’s death, we’ve seen a few attempts by John Mayer and ex-Red Hot Chili Pepper Josh Klinghoffer that are sincere enough, but probably don’t warrant a second listen. Oddly enough, there are very few rock or metal covers (except the SNL bit) that people have attempted or posted on YouTube, even for a gag. (Redoing the musical identities of four legendary Florida retirees was apparently too daunting a task for most.)

“Your body is a wonderland” Guy covers “Thanks for being a friend”

But not at all! A rock / heavy metal band out of Jacksonville, Florida called the Appalachian Death Trap covered it in 2019, long before Betty White died. It’s not half bad, retaining the sweetness of the original but providing much needed crunch. You can hear it below, but it’s also an interesting story of how unwittingly they were tricked into recording it.

The story is told (courtesy of Metal injection): Appalachian Death Trap has been booked to play a concert in St. Augustine. The promoters did the lazy thing and copied and pasted their bio from ADT Facebook page to promote the show, which at the time read like this:

“Appalachian Death Trap is a band from Jacksonville. They have two albums available for download on their bandcamp site, their music is mostly rock and heavy metal. Although all of the members are men, their songs tell the stories of four older women who were divorced or widowed and are now roommates.. “

This last part, if it wasn’t obvious, is the premise behind Golden girls sitcom. The group included it as a joke, of course. But since they were being promoted as a GG style band, they decided to “build on it” and created the gem below.

Appalachian Death Trap, “Thanks for being a friend”

We’re sure Betty would have approved, although we’re waiting for the Metallica release.

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