“This has nothing to do with KORN or my status with KORN”


Korn bass player Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu has since taken a break Korn in June 2021 after “falling back into some bad habits over the past six years.” Champy has yet to return to the group, but recently announced that he is moving forward with his other project Good again. This of course prompted the obvious question of “what does this mean in terms of him returning to Korn?” The short answer is “nothing, really”.

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In a Facebook post, Champy said Good again and Korn have always been two separate things and that all of this has nothing to do with his break.

“A few clarifications on Good again“, he said in a message. “I did Good again for about 16 years it’s not something new, although for some of you it is, it’s cool.”

“With my brothers WUV (POD) and Q (Arsonists, Radamus), we released 3 albums, we are about to release our 4e. It has nothing to do with Korn or my status with Korn or anything else. It’s not heavy music, it’s alternative rock. We have always written Good again music during a tour with Korn or at home.

“We actually opened for Korn in 2011, and to add another small fact, the 1st Good again ‘Killing Myself to Live’ video was during a Korn concert (2006), at the time when David [Silveria, drummer] was in Kornhe is in the video, it is until when Good again goes. Again, this is not metal, nu metal or heavy music, and it was my way of respecting the integrity of KornI knew Good again had to be different.

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“Thank you to those who have shown love and support and to those who are not in Good againthere are plenty of heavy bands out there to suit your needs.”

According to the guitarist Brian “Head” Welch, Korn and Champy will meet after Korn ends his tour with Evanescence September 16. “We have been in contact with him,” he said. “I just emailed him the other day. So we’re going to get together and talk to him, see how he’s doing, see where he’s at, after this tour. Me and munk were just talking about that. We love him, we’ve been in communication with him and we’ll see.”

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