VICTORIA K shares “Tower” clip from new album “Kore” released in October 2022 :


australia Victoria K. share the next single “Tower” from the forthcoming second album “Kore” slated for release next October via Rockshots Records to follow the much-loved debut album of 2020 “Essentia”.

Reveal yourself with a video clip, “Tower” is the longest song on the album. In over seven minutes, the band drew inspiration for this piece from the part of the anthem where Kore’s mother commands the peoples of the world to build a tower in her honor. The band explains further:

“This idea and concept sparked a lot of ideas, inspired by events and issues that we face in our current society. Questions such as the existence of divine power and why we praise higher powers both spiritually and in our physical world. It also raises ideas about our current social regimes, such as capitalism, as well as the toxicity of materialistic and consumerist cultures. Some aspects of this song touch on the exploitation of the middle and lower class. It’s a topic that we wanted to highlight, as musicians, artists and writers, because we think it’s relevant and important. This song also draws a lot of ethnic sounds. The chant is sung in ancient Greek, meant to imitate marching and worship, this relates to the message the song is trying to convey.

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Offering a progressive symphonic sound, “Kore” was specifically written to provide a full orchestral experience that takes people on a sonic journey of growth and greatness.

“We wanted to take a fresh approach with this record and expand our sound and bring something new to Victoria K. Incorporating sounds from our singer’s ethnic culture and heritage is something we are extremely proud of! A concept album is something we really wanted to explore, and we’re excited to bring this ancient history to you and create a sonic experience and journey for all of our listeners. We can’t wait to share this next milestone of Victoria K!”

“Kore” explores today’s issues through the Homeric Hymn to Demeter (the story of Persephone). Victoria K. conceptualized the idea for the album with her producer Lee Bradshaw and then spent many months researching and analyzing the Homeric Hymn to Demeter, even meeting with Homeric hymn experts from Greece. The story was then divided into its different parts where Victoria Knight wrote the lyrics and developed the melodies for each section of the tale, exploring the myth from a modern perspective.

The tracks have been written specifically to encapsulate the various sections of the Homeric Hymn to Demeter and tell the story chronologically through each song and the music builds in intensity throughout the record capturing the emotional state of Persephone and others. characters as the story progresses.

The different instruments on “Kore” were then written by Victoria around the lyrics and further improved and developed throughout the production process. Lee Bradshaw then finalized the songs by writing orchestral scores for each song, which were recorded live in Europe, before final mixing and mastering.

Recommended for fans of Lacuna Coil, Rammstein, Within Temptation, Spirit Box and Delain, Victoria K.the new album by “Kore” due out October 14, 2022 from Rockshots Records.

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List of tracks:
1 – Prologue – 1:09
2 – Raptum – 5:12
3 – Garden of Mothers – 4:34
4 – The Child – 4:01
5 – Persephone – 5:19
6 – A divine revelation – 7:09
7 – Round – 7:29
8 – Blasphemy – 5:43
9 – Granada – 5:52
10 – Beyond – 3:58
11 – Epilogue – 0:54
Length of the album: 51:25

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Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, symphonic metal singer/songwriter Victoria Knight (under the pseudonym Victoria K) released on May 5, 2019, her brand new single “Lacuna” distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Warner Music Group (Australia ), which was the first offering from his debut album Essentia.

After being invited to support Swiss Folk Metal giants, Eluveitie, Victoria K formed the current band which adopted the name Victoria K. On May 18, 2019, Victoria K played main support for Eluveitie on their show in Melbourne, and produced a performance that had the crowd singing for an encore.

Victoria K signed with Rockshots Records (Italy) in early 2020 and released her debut album ‘Essentia’ on April 24, 2020. Essentia received global media attention and the band were featured in Legacy Magazine (Germany) and Heavy Magazine (Australia) among many others.

Essentia debuted at number 17 on the Australian iTunes Rock & Metal charts with all four music videos (Lacuna, Forsaken, The Haunting and Matrix) receiving over 230,000 views on YouTube.

Victoria K’s “Essentia” won Album of the Year at the 2020 Femmetal Awards and was a finalist in the Best Group and Best Music Video categories and Victoria Knight was a finalist in the Best Opera Singing category.

Victoria was also nominated as “Best Singer” in the prizes named among the best singers of the genre, including Floor Jansen, Elize Ryde, Fabienne Erni and Charlotte Wessels. Victoria K was also nominated in the song of the year (Matrix) and album of the year (Essentia).

Anders Sandvall from identified Essentia as “one of the strongest debut albums of this year”, placing the album number two on their top albums of 2020 and also cited Victoria K as the “best new band”.

Due to the global pandemic, Victoria K was unable to tour, so in June 2020 they played a global live stream show from the studio via Rockshots Twitch Channel and have since released a DVD of the event .

In November 2021, Victoria K began her 9-show Australian tour with shows in Melbourne, Wollongong, Newcastle, Sydney (sold out), Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Whyalla (sold out) and Broken Hill. Due to Covid the tour took place over three legs with the second in March 2022 and the third in April 2022.


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