WARPATH First “Resurrection” music video; Disharmonic Revelations Available Now


German band Warpath have released a music video for “Resurrection”, featured on the band’s new album, Disharmonic Revelations, out now via Massacre Records. Watch the clip below and order the new album here.

Warpath is back with their seventh studio album, Disharmonic Revelations, a relentless world record and the first to feature a two-guitar wall sound attack! A much more mature approach to songwriting is met by heavy riffing, relentless yet precise drumming and crystalline yet ultra-heavy production by Jörg Uken (Soundlodge Studio).

Above it all is vocalist Dirk Weiß, who has seriously upped his game this time around! Its range is quite impressive, ranging from guttural growls, through incessant screams to harmonic singing.

Led by new recruits Roman Spinka and Claudio Illanes on guitars, the band musically “frankensteins” the primitive yet violent Carnivore-like outbursts of their magnum and fan-favorite opus Against Everyone (1994) with modern, more sophisticated elements.

Disharmonic Revelations is a musical rollercoaster in the best, but also the hardest way possible. Songs like “Vision And Reality” or “MMXX” are slow-paced, hypnotic stomps that are followed by crushing thrashers like “Parasite,” “The Last One,” or “Resurrection.” Psychedelic, almost post-rock moments unfold in ‘Decisions Fall’ or ‘The Unpredictable Past’, before fast, daredevil blast beats disrupt the beauty of the moment…you never know what’s lurking at the street corner.

Warpath 2022 is different, even heavier, meaner and darker than ever! Brutal thrash metal meets death metal meets New York hardcore meets post-rock meets progressive meets noise/wave meets avant-garde.

Inspired by all the chaos and turmoil of 2020 and beyond, vocalist and founding member Dirk “Dicker” Weiß also contributes much more than just atypical lyrics: sarcastic and satirical side-swipes at the former US president and conspiracy theorist are made in “The Last One”! Emotional and musically framed feelings about world events of the past year are thematized in “MMXX” and “Disharmonic Revelations.” Coping with her own life story in “Scars” as well as “A Part Of My Identity.”

Parables (“The Unpredictable Past”) and selfishness (“Egos Aspire”) are questioned, decisions questioned (“Decisions Fall”). Present and future (“Digital World”) shake hands with hope (“Resurrection”) and an attitude of never giving up.

The Digipak CD edition includes two bonus tracks not featured on the limited edition vinyl LP.

Track list:

“The last”
“Disharmonic Revelations”
“Part of my identity”
“Visions and Reality”
“Egos yearn”
“Decisions fall”
“Digital World”
“The Unpredictable Past”
“Lost Innocence” (bonus track)
“MMXX” (alternate version) (bonus track)

Video “Resurrection”:

“Scars” viewer:

“Parasite” lyric video:

“Lost Innocence” video:


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