Warzone Clip sees deployable blanket used intelligently


A neat clip from Call of Duty: Warzone shows a player using deployable cover in a brilliant fashion, as they dismantle a vehicle with the field upgrade.


Call of Duty: War Zone gives players many different tools to use in their matches. While the Deployable Cover may not be the most popular field upgrade available, a Call of Duty: War Zone The clip shows that players can actually do a lot with the item.

For Call of Duty: War Zone players who have never bothered to use the deployable cover, the field level upgrade is exactly what it sounds like. Players who collect the item or equip it in their gear will be able to place a metal cover plate wherever they wish. This piece of cover has an open area in the center that allows players to aim and shoot their enemies, exposing only their heads. While it is helpful to have a piece of cover when traversing empty, open terrain, deployable cover has often been overlooked by the community.


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With Call of Duty: War Zone With Season 1 bringing a nerf to Dead Silence and removing Stopping Power rounds, the field leveling meta has changed. Deployable Blanket is now used more often, which means players will want to note how it was used by Redditor bLouGoo. While players might not expect the piece of metal cover to stop a truck in its tracks, that’s exactly what it does in player footage – something that likely left the stunned and confused truck driver.

The clip begins with the player running around rocks and plants before walking on one of Caldera’s many roads. However, they quickly notice that they are not safe, turning to their left to see a huge truck speeding towards them. Not having time to move away, they improvise, throwing their deployable blanket to the ground just before the enemy crushes them. Surprisingly, the small piece of blanket stops the vehicle in its tracks, with the player’s great reaction time saving them from certain death.

With the truck stopped, bLouGoo wastes no time capitalizing on the confusion of his enemies. They take down the enemy in the back of the truck, and while the driver does his best to accelerate, the Redditor shoots a well-targeted sniper to finish off his enemy. Considering how effective this trick is for the player, others may want to try and replicate it. In the comments, bLouGood confirms that the recovery will stop everything Call of Duty: War Zone, even if it requires precise timing.

Although there have been many memorable Call of Duty: War Zone clips shared online, this one is particularly useful. For players who find themselves killed on the road a lot, having a deployable cover ready for self-defense would be absolutely a good idea.

Call of Duty: War Zone is available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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