Watch: DEFTONES’ CHINO MORENO joins GOJIRA on stage for the cover of SEPULTURA’s “Territory”


DEFTONES leader Chino Moreno joined GOJIRA on stage last night (Saturday May 28) at the two bands’ joint concert at the Amory in Minneapolis, Minnesota to perform a cover of BURIALit is “Territory”. A fan-filmed video of her appearance can be seen below.

GOJIRA guitarist/singer Joseph Duplantier Talk about BURIAL‘s influence on his band’s music in an April 2021 interview with Cuartel Del Metal. At the time, he said:BURIAL is huge in the history of our group, for some reason. I discovered ‘Arise’ first, and I was pretty blown away – it was so dark and so fast and so technical. It was right after I discovered the band DEATH and MORBID ANGELso what BURIAL. And I was absolutely blown away by their art. And then I had a few bands in high school, and I started getting together with my brother. We used to play at home, sometimes after school, then we decided to form our own band. We dropped our other bands, got together and ‘Chaos AD’ came with. And we were absolutely blown away – absolutely blown away. And [it was] easy to play too – these are simple riffs. They stripped it all down to the core…I mean, oh my God. They said it all with this album.”

As for what he thinks when people compare GOJIRAthe song “Amazon” at BURIAL, joseph said, “I will, ‘Yup.’ And that’s a compliment, and there’s no shame here. And we ripped them off, but we didn’t do it on purpose. But we realized it right after. We were, like, ‘Oh , it looks like BURIAL. Ahhh, whatever. It’s a tribute to BURIAL – what about that? This is Brazil. This is the Amazon. It’s tribal.”

“Amazon” is taken from GOJIRAthe last album of, “Courage”released in April 2021 via Roadrunner folders. The sequel to 2016 “Magma” was recorded and produced by Duplantier at Silver Cord StudioGOJIRA‘s Ridgewood, Queens, New York headquarters – and mixed by Andy Wallace (NIRVANA, RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE).

chinos and his DEFTONES bandmates were indirectly responsible for the name of Max Cavalerais post-BURIAL project. Fresh off his December 1996 split with BURIAL, Max spent most of 1997 trying to get a new band together while being guest on DEFTONES‘ song “Head held high”who appeared on Sacramento Alternate Metallers “Around the fur” workshop scrapbook. Cavalera struggled to come up with a name for his new act, going so far as to consult with Brazilian tribal leader Xavantes, who was instrumental in forming BURIALit is “Roots” album. Remembering the made-up word “soulfly” from “Head held high”, Cavalera found the right name for his post-BURIAL group, later revealing it in a surprise announcement on French live television in 1997.

Deftones Chino on Gojira’s Last Song

Posted by Herman Smith on Saturday, May 28, 2022


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