Watch Indonesian Black Metal Band Avhath Cover Dua Lipa


Indonesian black metal band Avhath has shared a performance video in which they cover Dua Lipa.

Released Monday, March 7, the video features the Indonesian band performing a medley of Dua Lipa’s “Cool,” “Levitating,” and “Don’t Start Now,” all from her acclaimed second album, “Future Nostalgia.”

The cover video for the medley sees the band performing in a large, empty studio with nothing but flashing red and white lights and their gear.

Watch Avhath cover Dua Lipa below.

The covers feature a completely new take on Dua Lipa’s hit songs, making them almost unrecognizable except for the songs’ distinct chorus, with thundering drums, pounding bass and furiously chosen tremolo guitar riffs, all set against the piercing screams of vocalist Ekrig.

In a description of the medley performance via their YouTube page, the band described Dua Lipa as their “favorite pop star”. The group has long teased the cover of the medley, sharing an image of Dua Lipa and her group name stylized in Dua Lipa’s “Future Nostalgia” font on social media in January.

Avhath is a five-piece black metal band from Jakarta, Indonesia, who released their debut singles “A Kind of Certainty” and “A Lost Generation” in September 2013. The quintet have since released a string of singles, including the latest release is ‘Felo De Se’ and ‘Hallowed Ground’ from February 2021.


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