Watch this 9-year-old guitarist land a cover of Tool epic 7empest


If you think back to what you were doing when you were nine, we’re willing to bet your answer doesn’t involve the occasional humblebrag over the cover of a 15-minute Tool masterpiece and the release of the evidence on Youtube.

But that’s exactly what happened yesterday, June 9, thanks to nine-year-old Maya Neelakantan, who challenged herself to play Tool’s epic 7th of Inoculum of Fear from start to finish, and absolutely killed it, as the video of his superb performance shows.

As she explains in the intro of her post, the song has a special meaning for the young guitarist.

“A few weeks ago it was my birthday,” she reveals, “and I just turned 9 and as a present I got this awesome new Les Paul guitar. It’s my favorite song and it’s the hardest song I’ve ever played and it’s the first song I’ve played with my new guitar, so I was very excited to show it to you.”

Watch the video below:

After cooking up this madness, Maya has some words of appreciation for Adam Jones, the Tool guitarist who she says “went crazy with it.”

“He just went and did whatever he wanted to because there’s solo after solo after solo, then in the intro, then after the intro, the intro is so long,” he explains. she. “The solo is already like three minutes of the song, and after that he turns on the wah pedal, he’ll continue on the wah pedal, but he won’t actually use it. These things have taught me so much and I love how Adam Jones did it all…I feel like it’s his masterpiece.”

On his YouTube channel, which also features Metallica covers. Lamb Of God and Slayer, young Maya says she aspires to be “a guitarist where the music connects directly to my heart and soul! Music that takes me on a transcendental journey that cannot be explained with words.”

Good luck Maya!


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