Where God Was Wrong with Iodine Watt, and more music news and gossip


Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends. But sometimes he takes a break. All that to say, let’s give AthFest a warm welcome this week. After a hiatus for a few years, the annual event, which is by far the most visible representation of Athens live music to the rest of our immediate area, is back. If you are from the area, go out and have fun. If you visit us this week, be friendly with our local servers, bartenders and others who work hard to keep everyone happy. And, to the organizers and staff of AthFest itself, congratulations. Your hard work and perseverance deserve recognition. So consider yourself seen and heard. With that, let’s get to this week’s news.

WATTS, uh, THE BUSINESS?: I was slightly obsessed with Iodine Watt over the past two weeks. There is very little information about this prolific but reluctant project, but whoever is behind it has released several singles, as well as two album releases, since January 2021. The most recent collection, where god went wrong, was released this month. This five-piece set is spectacularly sequenced, composed and performed. Arranged almost like a small chamber band that keeps adding elements, Iodine Watt also looks back at times in explorations of trip-hop and very slight boom-bap sensibilities. These are indeed lighthearted, however, and more representative of the band’s older work. The relatively simple and album-oriented Nothing good will come of this was released in January 2021. While there’s a slippery mix of loosely related styles to this, Iodine Watt pulls it all together in a compelling mix of old and new without sounding pretentious or like an intentional throwback. Find each of these releases, as well as the aforementioned singles, at iodinewatt.bandcamp.com.

A KIND OF RAIN WILL FALL: New Cloud recordingsuh, recording artists The Rishis first album august moon is out now. With 10 songs, he is remarkable for the little he asks of his audience. It swims seemingly effortlessly through the comfortable low tide of 1990s folk rock and indie rock, which differs only slightly in its use of pedal steel and occasional 1960s Elephant 6-style pop moments ( “Oh So Young”). The singular moment here where the listener is forced to look up and say, “Hey! What is this song? is undeniably sweet Stone Roses-esque “Just Between You & Me”. Overall, it’s also easy to put on and talk or listen to in solitude while doing other things. This is available digitally as we speak on therishis.bandcamp.com, and is slated for a vinyl release later this year. Follow us at facebook.com/therishisband.

DUTY NOW FOR THE FUTURE: Dan Nettles (Kenosha Kid) informed this week that tickets are on sale now for a triple bill at Tweed Recording Friday, September 2. The complete show presents Kenosha Kid, cicada rhythm and night palace. Advance tickets are $20 and can be purchased through kenoshakid.com/palace-kid-rhythm. Doors open at 7 p.m. and music starts at 8 p.m. This show is for ages 18 and up. In other news, Kenosha Kid is still preparing for the release of the second and third parts of his ambitious and expansive triple LP project october book. The first part was released last May. For more information on this, please visit kenoshakid.bandcamp.com and kenoshakid.com/october-book-part-one.

A LITTLE MORE BLACK: While they won’t be playing an official exit show until July 1st at Flicker Theater and Bar, the dudes from Guillotine AD are still celebrating a new record this week. It’s titled born to fallhas eight songs and is released digitally on Friday, June 24. The day before, June 23, the group will organize a listening evening at Academy Brewery, which will also introduce a new cold IPA “Born To Fall” tonight. Production-wise, it’s as pro as one would expect to be produced by Matt Washburn (Atheist, Mastodon, Withered) and with cover art by Eliran Kantor (Testament, Sodom, Kataklysm) . The interior, where the actual music is, is almost as dark as the band could be without veering directly into black metal territory, despite being very close. For the most part, though, this record stays in the death metal realm and does it pretty solidly. The highlights here are the opening track “Vultures Of Paradise”, as well as the title track and “War First”. Find him at guillotinead.bandcamp.com, and be a friend via facebook.com/guillotine.ad1.


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