Zoltan Bathory Says The Pantera Reunion Show ‘Will Be A Cover Band’, Ex-Absu Guitarist’s Band Release New Music And More Top Stories Of The Week


Another week, yet several days of the set “will they or won’t they” post the dates for this damn Pantera reunion tour so we can stop speculating. I mean seriously, how much teasing are they going to do until we can’t take any more?! Uh, whatever. Here are the rest of the stories from the past week that you may have missed along the way

14 Metal Albums That Embody the Sound of the 90s

Watch Corey Taylor Damn Near Destroy His Voice for Iowa

Russian Persecution Drives Massacre to Prevail in America

Five Finger Death Punch’s Zoltan Bathory at Pantera Reunion: “It’s Gonna Be a Pantera Cover Band, Really”

Ex-Absu Guitarist’s Sonja’s Band Releases Music Video For “Nylon Nights”

Blackbraid takes black metal out of Norway and gives it a Native American twist

Mike IX Williams claims a young Randy Blythe ‘used to beg’ to sing Eyehategod songs on stage

Grim Reaper singer Steve Grimmett dies at 62

Former Anthrax guitarist Paul Crook says he almost joined the tour to replace sick or injured band members

Ozzy tried to invite Jimmy Page on his new album


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